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Good morning! Newbie here. Thanks for the great site Thunder.

A little about myself. I am an old guy with ED due to blood pressure medications. I bought a pump and was searching for directions when I found these forums.

I’ve never been very big, just 5.5 x 5” when I was a young man. Even though, it was a condom popper due to it’s hardness, a nail in a balloon if you will. I\My body as well as my penis are very heavily sinuous. Although very strong, and large (6’ 2”, 229#s with a tad of midline fat and a “pad”), my muscles are not massive. Held in as it were by thick sinew surrounding and containing them. Ligament stretching seems to be my goal.

As I passed the fifty year mark, it has become a tad smaller. All I can say about PE is “The things your father never told you”.-( My goal is 7” x 6”, not huge just adequate for my wife and female friends.

Hi KT88,

Welcome to the forum.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thanks Memento.

A bit about my name: A KT88 is a large fat tube used in vacuum tube amplifiers like the old Dynaco Mark IV. I was looking around for a suitable handle when I looked over at the latest pair of amps that I built and the fat KT88 power tubes. Walla!

Here’s a page for avatars once you hit the postcount and required number of days.

Walla? Is that like voila?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.


Hi. Thanks for this opportunity. I’ve been waiting a long time to become a member of this site. I’m really excited. I hope I can be of some help for you, since you’ll be of great help to me. I’m a med student, so hopefully, I’ll be able to help and cooperate with some stuff and info.

In the mean time I’ll be reading and checking out the site.

Thanks again.

Welcome aboard. As you can imagine, anatomical knowledge is useful here.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I like that.

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Running a Massive Co-Front.

I am grateful to all the people who have contributed to this site. It’s exciting to find so much free information in one place. I think I’ve tried almost every commercial product on the market.. Some with adverse effects, so it’s really great to finally find a source of true, tried, and tested techniques that may actually work. Thanks for the advice Thunder. I look forward to learning and sharing.

Hi everyone. New at this.. Starting the newbie routine today! Hold thumbs! Thanx for all the info so far!

Thanks for info, I hope this site will help :)


Thanks ThunderSS!

Hello all. Thunder thanks so much for this great site. I started the newbie routine two days ago. Here’s hoping for 7.5” x 6”.

Hi,I’m very new goal is to gain in girth massively and also in length.can anybody advise me how I can quickly and effectively grow much Thicker girth on my shaft and the Head?


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