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Spots on foreskin

Spots on foreskin

Hey, first post and all. I know there are other threads/articles about injury that mention this, but mine seems a bit different and I’d rather be as careful as possible about my only penis. :) Better safe than sorry.

Just finished my first session (using the newbie routine with the manual stretches/dry jelq) and there are some bruises towards the tip, almost entirely on the foreskin as opposed to the shaft itself. Actually, it’s a pretty dense ring. (I would post a picture to illustrate my point but I’m not sure if pictures of genitalia are allowed on anything but the Member Pics section.. Not that I can post there.. Any clarification on this point would be helpful too.) The area doesn’t hurt at all, it’s not toughened or raised, just rather discolored. The head seems fine.

I noticed this after the manual stretching point, which is why I was confused; the jelq portion did not seem to add to the discoloration at all. It’s possible I’m using a bad grip or something during that so I wanted advice from some more experienced uncut guys around here. Typically I was using an overhand grip, foreskin down, about an inch or so behind the head. I didn’t think the area of foreskin that is bruised was even covered by my fingers. Any clues as to what’s up? Is this just a normal thing for an uncut newbie?

I as an uncut vet still has the same thing form time to time. Don’t worry they are gone the following morning.

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