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Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Hey guys this is my first post and unfortunately it’s about a possible injury. (This probably belongs in the injury section but I can’t post there)

I have been doing PE for just under two months now. I started off originally with the newbie routine and like many newbies I decided I was super man and in hind sight intensified my routine a little too quickly. I started getting red spots and a slightly hard flaccid penis so I took a few days off and re-evaluated my routine and now (almost) everything is back to normal and I’ve gained about 0.25 inches.

My problem is I have this mammoth vein running along the top left of my shaft. This vein has always been there and has always been large which is a problem as when I jelq it gets a huge amount of stress in it. Lately it’s been a lot larger than usual and large when I am flaccid. I did some research on this site and on the internet about thrombosed veins and this is a possibility except I’ve heard it usually takes a while for a thrombosed vein to thicken up and become noticeable. The other possibility is that the vein is simply getting thicker as a result of the stress put on it. Being new to this I’m not too sure what to do. Any tips on whether I should be worrying about this/what to do about it and any tips on how to avoid a big arse vein when jelqing would be helpful.

The other problem I have which is more concerning/annoying is a small network of spider veins forming on my shaft. Are these normal when PEing? They’re rather unsightly and I am wondering if I stop PEing will they go away? I have no negative PI’s and I am not sure why I am getting these problems. Any advice especially from people who have or have had similar problems would be great.

Does this vein feel ribbed or sore to just softly touch. Maybe you just should go to a penis doctor and get it checked out.

I might do that. I’ve been cutting back further on my routine lately and it seems to be getting a little better. It’s not bumpy or sore just slightly harder than other veins such as the ones on my hand. I’ll keep watch on them and if it gets worse I’ll pay the doctor a visit. Thanks for the help

Is your dick on steroids?? :shrug:

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You could try an upper hand grip while jelqing. This will put less stress on the top and you will be jelqing the sides more instead. Works for me as I try to avoid crushing the big vein on the top of the shaft.

I think you don’t have any problem. More veins are a good sign, generally.

Yes it is stress but it is unavoidable. . In fact it usually is a sign or a good gainer as it means more blood is getting to the whole of your penis through the spider veins you have.

You have probably activated them by the hard work you did. So the best thing is to reduce the pressure on you dick when jelqing etc, and do things more lightly. It’s probable that you just need less effort to get gains so the signs are pretty good for you!,

But do take thngs very easy and build up gradually.

Good luck,


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