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Caring for the veins

Caring for the veins

In past threads there has been the occasional mention of distended or otherwise injured veins, in addition to the more common capillary bursts. As a newbie I’m doing only jelqing (wet) combined with simple manual stretches plus warm-up and warm-down. At two weeks in the jelqing has become familiar, and I’ve become much more consistent in forming and maintaining a good grip. At the conclusion of a jelq session the heavy feel and look of my engorged but not fully hard dick is good—no pain or discomfort, just a great “worked” sensation.

I concentrate my grip pressure on the sides so as to go easy on my dorsal vein and the critical nerve bundle. During the jelq stroke it’s easy to see the veins become heavily defined. There’s obviously no way not to apply lots of pressure on some of the veins when constricting the tunica beneath. The jelq stroke, then, works in perfect opposition to the natural function of the veins, in effect pushing the blood within them forcefully against the tiny valves inside. Does jelqing put us at high risk for developing varicosed veins in the skin? Is is possible that the increased vein definition that is often cited as a consequence of PE is in part due to some damage to the internal structure of the veins?

Wet jelqing appeals to me because it is more skin friendly in my limited experience. With good lube, my fingers slide more effectively over the skin and its veins than when dry jelqing. The dry jelq seems more to pull the available skin itself to the glans, and the veins come along with it. It makes me wonder if dry jelqing is potentially more vein friendly, while tougher on the skin (especially for cut guys), and wet jelqing easier on the skin but harder on the veins.

Can any devoted and long-term jelqers comment on their experience regarding their veins? I’d like to think I’m concerned over nothing.

Well, all I know is that jelqing(note that I only wet-jelqed) has increased my circumference(girth) and that it has made me veinier meaning my penis is healthier,bigger and gets a bigger amount of blood to support it’s own growth + I got steel erections(I had really good ones before but this only enhanced them more)

Also I would like to add that even if this sounds crazy I’ve noticed two veins(each on each side of the dick) grow out of no where(they were probably VERY small or didn’t even exist) and evolve into pretty big ones, bigger veins make your dick look big and mean!

Calfaddict, your doubts are rights.

Some people belive that bigger veins means “bigger amount of blood to support it’s own growth” .That’s not how it works.

Veins doesn’t take blood to the cell,they carry on it from to the cells to the heart (and lungs).

And also veins are elastic and doesn’t support high pressure. That s’ way you have to to use very light force when PE. Personally I reverse jelq : in this way I don’t put much pressure on the top of the penis and my blood is pushed in the correct way (as well this can also deform veins).

Be carefull!

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