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Hi guys, i just started on the program , my routine consists of 20-25 minutes of stretching and 20-25 minutes of jelqing. However, i just noticed that after i stretched last night my lower abdomen is killing me. I was just wondering if that is natural because i do believe that I am stretching correctly. Thanks


You should never experience any severe discomfort from PE. I think that maybe your stretching routine might be causing the stress in your lower abdomen (around the groin area). Just ease up for a day or two, see how it goes and resume again. When you’re stretching, be sure to keep the intensity light at the beginning and then slowly increase the amount of stretch, so as to allow your dick to adapt gradually to the stresses.
Good luck.


I usually try to stick to 2/3 days on and 1 day off, but I play it by ear also. If my ligs are really sore, than I take a day off from stretching. This is kind of like lifting weights. If you are really sore, you haven’t recovered yet and you are probably doing more harm than good. When your ligs are not sore anymore, then they are primed for breaking down and growing. This goes for jelquing also. If you still have a lot of fluid built up (donut effect), then its time to give it a rest.

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