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PE Soreness similar to Muscle Soreness

PE Soreness similar to Muscle Soreness

So I’ve been kind of lurking around here for a while and have never really gone long term with this whole PE thing for a couple of reasons. Anyways, one of those reasons is that there is no sort of feedback to know what you’re doing is actually working. I’m not saying that I expect to yank on my penis a few times and then wake up the next morning with a 10 inch pecker, but especially if you’ve never done this before and don’t know if you’re doing the exercises correctly, all this stretching and squeezing and jelqing might be for nothing. For example, you go to the gym and you lift weights. You don’t wake up the next morning looking like a Men’s Health cover model, but you do feel sore in the muscles where you worked, giving you the sense that you accomplished something. And then a couple of weeks later you notice that you can lift more weight. There is nothing like that in terms of PE in my experience except for a couple of people I’ve seen who claim to have gained very rapidly. So what I’m wondering is what is your penis supposed to feel like after you’re done with a work out and how is it supposed to feel the next day, etc.? I ask this because I don’t feel any sort of soreness whatsoever and I’m not going easy on myself doing these stretches and such by any means. From other people’s experience (those for whom PE has actually worked), what are you supposed to feel like? Sore? The same? If I had an idea of what to expect, I might know what to look for, how hard to push myself, and so forth. I don’t want to go easy on myself, and I don’t want to cause injury. And just to avoid people saying “PE is a long term process, blah blah blah” I am by no means a lazy person. I am far the other way, but I do not want to embark on something that for all I know at this point could be dangerous to a very important part of my body without knowing what to expect, signs to look for, etc. Thanks guys.

Do a search on physiological indicators (PIs). I believe there’s a link off the “Newbies Read this first” page.

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