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Soreness, Fatigue and Healing Process

Soreness, Fatigue and Healing Process

Hey everyone
I was just thinking the other day about the feeling After your PE workout. Since I’m a newbie to this I dont have any experience to go back to and compare so I thought I’d raise the question here.
What I’m wondering about is the level of soreness and fatigue that is to be expected after PE. I’ve been at it for 5 weeks now and at the beginning I felt a slight soreness and fatigue that pretty much healed over the course of not even a day. What I’m experiencing now though is nothing, I pretty much dont feel a thing after PE, no fatigue, no soreness no nothing.
This of course makes me wonder if I’m doing it wrong, if I have to take it up a notch, if I should increase the pressure and strength of stretching, if I should increase the pressure of jelqs, if I should make a cape for my seamingly superdick etc etc.
I would appriciate any advice and takes on this as I’m feeling a bit torn at the moment, unsure if what to do from here.

Thanks in advance =)

Happy tuggin!

Not feeling pain after a workout is actually normal and neither a good nor bad indication. After the adrenaline levels in your blood subside, up to six hours later, you should have a better indication of your penile damage. If you’re penis is inflamed and you experience a pulsing pain with no erections throughout the day then you’re overdoing it, but if you’re feeling just slightly tender but still able to achieve at least a soft erection then you’re fine.When you are still making noticeable gains and able to achieve morning wood the next day then all it well. I have noticed this doesn’t happen daily but most days in my case.

There is a fine line in over training your penis, I recommend you watch for red spots a bruising and stop after one hour tops when you have a hard time achieving a 70% erection. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do a few too many pumping session or 20 more jelqs when your penis starts to retract. Pain is a big indicator of overdoing it and will hinder gains.

I’m in the same boat. If anything I feel more penis fatigue from too much sexual use than from PE at this point. I think that’s a good thing though. Some more seasoned members may have differing opinion.

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Well for me fatigue is good because that is a sign that I’am gaining again in EG or EL. The only time I feel this good ” fatigue” is when I do my stretch and Jelqing but mostly when I jelq.

At this time the first time of the Good ” Fatigue” I play really close attention to my PI’s record everything even the slightest change. This helps me to make sure it is the Good ” Fatigue” and not the bad Fatigue.

Plus this will tell me If I grip too hard or if my grip has been just right.

My saying is when you feel any fatgiue keep a very close inspection of your PI’s. This in my OPINON is keys to fast gains only if you keep track of your PI’s.

This is what I have learned while doing my PE workouts. Hope this clears any confusion!!

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