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Sore Urethra

Sore Urethra

I’ve been getting a little soreness in my urethra, after jelqing. I have tried minimizing the pressure on it. If I squeeze the sides, instead of using the OK grip, it is not as bad. Is that doing me any good, though?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Urethra? As far as I know, the urethra is a tube which runs through the middle of the penis, out of sight. I am assuming you have in fact damaged something more “on the surface”, so to speak. Can you be more specific as to where the pain is? Regardless of that detail, you probably need to rest for a few days and start up again with a gentler, more even grip while jelqing.

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I think it’s possible to ‘damage’ the urethra. Under PE, *everything* gets stressed.

H777: What makes you think it’s the urethra?

I had a similar sensation when I first started my routine. It had me kinda concerned too but it went away after a couple weeks. Kind of a slight pressured feeling near the end of the glans, almost like I couldn’t pee. No long term effects.

Harmony777: Is it a sharp pain or more of a dull ache? If it is a sharp pain, you may have damaged something. I suggest taking a break and seeing a doctor if this is the case. If it is more of a dull ache, maybe take a couple days off and see what happens. Is there any pain, burning or other sensation when you pee? How long does the pain last? A little more info on the symptoms would help.

Maybe I don’t know what my urethra is. The tube on the side of my penis. The pain is not that bad. It is feeling like I’m holding a kegal, a bit.

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