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Somewhat of a newb here

Somewhat of a newb here

I did some exercises fer a month or so. Wake up cloth, followed by stretching, then jelq, and horizontal movement. It more enhanced my penis then anything. Although, I gained a half an inch both ways.

I’m happy with my length- with ratio ( 6.5 erect length and about 6 girth), so I would like to enhance what I already have, but adding a bit of length, and keeping the width in the same ratio. My goal is to get about 7.5 length and about 6.5 - 7 girth, while keeping my penis with it’s natural banana curve that the ladies love.

Now, I have a bit of extra skin ( I am circumcised), so when I jelq some extra skin tends to bunch up as I milk. Is there any way around that? And also, I find it hard to find time to do this, as there is always someone home. I know, excuses, this is all about mind set.

Id appreciate ANY suggestions or advice. Also, I’m glad to he welcomed to this forum!

Welcome big turk! That’s a big girth you have already, any bigger and they will have to change your name to Huge Turk!:)

As with everything in life, if it is worth having, it will take time, so no excuses. Read a lot and learn from everyone. Good luck.

Hi big_turk and Welcome!

The best way round your problem is simply to hold the offending skin back towards your base while jelqing. It means doing it one-handed as it were. But that is not a problem in itself. It just slows you down a bit.

If you have your own bedroom buy a couple of dumbells. and say you are going to do some training (or buy a full set if you want) The family will think you are slightly potty but at least they’ll stay away.

You can say you will lock the door because you don’t want anyone to open the door while you are training as it might surprise you and you injure yourself - or them.

Of course you may have to grunt a bit to make it sound as if you are training :D

Good luck

Petit -

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Thanks for the quick responses. I’m not one for weights, but thats for the suggestion ( I’m more “hands on” haha).

Well I’ve read alot, and even have some vids on the different methods. Even read up on them. But it’s hard to really pick out a routine. I must say, it can take some punishment, so I don’t have to worry about hurting myself as easily. I forgot to mention as well. I do someting where I hold the base, I squeeze my PC and grip the base tight after each pump. I forget what this is called or what it does lol. If I’m asking for help I might as well say everything lol

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