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newb routine ?

newb routine ?

well getting back into PE after some time off. I am back to the newb routine. Is the newb routine ment to be done twice a day or only once when starting out? I have been doing it morning and night and get really sore. I also get a weird pain on the inside of may shaft that hurts, well I will post that in the injury forum.


Once a day is enough.

ok thanks, i have been thinking I have been over doing it

Tom are you refer to my “Style and language”? I am not sure what you meant by your above post.

Tom Thunder. I like that. :)

Oh yeah, by the way register. When you go back to just once a day, remember to back off on your intensity. If you have pain, you are going at it way too hard.

I’m new, as well. This is a question I was thinking about, myself.

There exists the temptation to double up. During my first session, I was amazed how tight my ligaments are. The amount of stretch and relaxation at the base increased quite a bit during stretch/exercise. This got me thinking about twice a day. However, given how inefficient I’m sure I was, and the comments here, once a day makes sense.

There is a lot of potential for general penile health and strength here, whether looking for gains or not. It’s going to take a while to generate consistent jelqs; mine ranged from lame to obviously productive. Frankly, it was a shocker to get one close to ‘right’. The instruction and anecdotal info found here comes into focus.

Great site.

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