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Newb sayin ello and

Newb sayin ello and


Little background,
I started doing PE about, well, idk, 9 months ago, and only did it for like 2 weeks on a newbie routine I found on another forum, after just a week or so I noticed a difference in at least FG & FL (something I’m not too concerned about) and I think EG, but I never measured, I know the veins got bigger that’s for sure, but anyway, I got out of the routine for a little bit and before I knew it, it’s been like.well.till now, a lot of stuff and stress happened in that time frame so it’s not like I was sitting on my thumb all day (schools a bitch), but regardless, I decided to pick it back up and go for it this time, I’m determined, it’ll be hard because I don’t want to tell my girlfriend, I want it to be more of a surprise so to speak, and she’d think I’m a moron,

My current is BPEL-6.37 and EG-4.5, needless to say EG is what I want to gain in the most, my initial goal is BPEL-7.25 and EG-5.25, and then go from there, any ideas or tips on gaining girth? Or just wait till I’ve done the newbie routine awhile,

I have a bit of a modified newbie routine, I warm up 10 min w/hot wrap, stretch 5-10 min, then 50 normal jelqs and 30 V-jelqs, 3 times right in a row, for a total of 150 normal jelqs, and 90 V-jelqs, cool down 5-10 min w/hot wrap, whats everyones take on this? I got it from that other forum, but this forum is WAY better, should I just switch to the newb routine here? For some reason I like the V-jelqs but I’m not sure if they are as good as the regular OK grip jelqs,

I’ve only done this routine (since I started back up) 3 times in the last week, and already FG is bigger and 2 veins bigger, and I’ve lasted longer in bed, it’s usually anywhere from 5-15, but the last two times have been 45 minutes, and 35 minutes, I hope this is the product of PEing :p

Also 2 more questions, it’s hard to fit this into my day as my gf and I often work close to the same hours so she’s home a lot of the time I am, anyone gone through the same situation? What did you do to keep a constant schedule with this? And also, 5-6 hours after routines a good amount of time to rest before sex? Or longer?
Sorry for all the questions, I appreciate any help,


YOu would be best to follow the newbie routine at this site. Because we are not likely to comment on some other site’s routines.

If you are living with your girlfriend The why not just tel her abouat it. Because she is ging to see you doing it sooner or later.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the Forum, shemey23!

Do consistently (as much as you can be consistent) the newbie routine and evaluate the results after a couple of months.

I don’t suggest telling your GF about PE. She may not be OK with it, thinking that you lack confidence. Worst, you will be exposed the rest of your life. If she breaks up with you, you could end up being the target of laughter of the neighborhood…

There are many of us having the same problem of privacy. I suggest making a Forum search about “stealth PE”.

I think 5-6 hours between PE and sex is far enough, provided you don’t overdo the routine.

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