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Someone to Hang With


Someone to Hang With


I’m (obviously) new here and have made the Capt’n Wench.

I’m wondering if there’s anyone experienced in hanging that lives near the Cincinnati area (I’m in West Chester, OH 45069) that would be interested in guiding me by hanging together.

I’m not gay or a creepy guy.. I’m just a regular 39 year old married guy that’s trying to reach 7” !

Thanks so much!

What is your experience in PE so far?

I’m just starting out

I think you should do the newbie routine for a few months before you start hanging.


Start/April 2011: BPEL - 6.75" / NBPEL - 6.00" / BEG - 5.125 / Mid Shaft - 4.75 / Glans 4.5"

Current/August 8 2011: BPEL 7.25" / NBPEL - 6.375" / BEG - 5.625" / Mid Shaft - 5.00" / Glans - 4.875"

Goals: NBPEL - 8.25" / Mid Shaft EG - 6.00"

Are you bald?

Always be cool.

Now BPEL 7.75 EG 5.80 Goals for 2013 improved E Quality + BPEL 8.25 6.0 EG Long term goals, 8.75


It rubs the lotion on its skin

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

“I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? What about slut pride?”

― Margaret Cho

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin

Oh my god!! That’s to funny!! LMAO

LOL, so you want to “hang” with another experienced enlarger.

At least that sounds less gay than jelqing together :D

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

You seriously want to meet up with a random Duse from the Internet and hang weights off your dick together? I don’t get it?


Okay, Okay.. I was trying to NOT sound creepy - ghee-sh!

Anyway, I’m definitely starting with the newbie routine but thought I could do them at simultaneously.? I have no intention of getting aggressive with the weights/hanging for quite a while.

Thanks for the replies (I think?) and let’s just forget the whole “hang together’ thing! Haha

Your best advice is to stick to a starter routine for a good while. Until you stop having gains, or see that you did not get any. After you are better experienced with how PE should feel, you can think about hanging.

Don’t break your dick. And remember to hang out with your wang out!

“I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? What about slut pride?”

― Margaret Cho

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