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Some people can't grow


Some people can't grow


I’ve known about PE for 2 years, at first skeptical, kind of envious of the gains people make, and jealous..

Currently I’m 7 x 5 NBP, more or less, I can’t ever get a accurate measurement because my errections are erratic, and I’ve done PE for 3 months, not at the same time, off and on..

I can say I’ve tried Jelqing, strecthing, and clamping (the most) all types of exercises, I’ve never really focused on hanging or alot of strecthing because I don’t think I need length as much as I need girth.. My goal is 7.25 x 5.5.

THe problem I am having is I just can’t grow, and it ties into the reason, why I can only do PE for 1 month at a time, it usually goes like this, I think up a routine at the beggning of the month, follow it CONSISTANTLY 7 days on NO REST, and at the month I measure and nothing. Maybe some people just can’t grow?

My dick is a stubborn one (circumcised), It doesn’t want to grow, I look at the videos for some of the exercises, and I know I’m doing the exercises right, but what am I supposed to feel to know it’s working, because most of the time I don’t feel anything, I can see my dick expand when the blood is being pushed through, but other than that I usually don’t feel anything. If I put muscle into it I usually end up squeezing a vein too hard and it’s like a sharp pain, I’ll get those red dots in the middle of my shaft, but the next day they are gone, and I hardly get a sore after a workout, and if I do the next day thats gone too. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’ve put in a hour to a hour and 30 minutes a night, and at the end of the month nothing, and than you feel smaller and depressed, it’s just easiar to accept my dick as being some skinny long pencil dick, because everytime I try to make it bigger and than I fail and feel worse about it, because everyone and they’re fucking mom can grow a bigger dick except me, what the fuck really.

I don’t feel like going out and buying penis pumps and pills and extenders and jelqing devices when people can make gains were they’re hands, why the hell can’t I? I’ve already invested money into a clamp and don’t even use it because clamping doesnt work for me, is 30 minutes of intense clamping supposed to make your dick sore? Because it doesnt mine.

SO any suggestions on how to grow I’d appreciate it, I’m giving this one my shot if I can’t make it than I’ll just have to be stuck with my pencil dick forever.. Currently I’ve been PEing everyday for the last 2 weeks, no real routine because I am oblivious as to what would even work for me.. I mainly want girth, lenth would be appreciated, I’m sick of being 7 inches npb one day and the next 6 and half, and yess I measure correctly it’s just that fucking stupid.

I think you’ve answered your own question. You are not, and have never been, consistant. Without consistency, you will likely never gain.

You don’t know what routine to do? You joined in November 2005, and you’ve not seen this? START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Start the Newbie routine, stick with it reliously for at least 3 months.

If you still havent gained after doing the above, then come back and complain. Until then, PE.

Its a marathon, not a sprint, and if you’re expecting big gains fast, I’d quit now.

If you’re “7 one day and 6.5 the next”, then despite what you think, you are definately not measuring correctly. Half an inch is well outside the margin of error.

Oh, and doing it everyday with no rest is probably overtraining. Read the link above, and stick to it. No more, no less. Just do it, as that famous company says.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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You first need to develop a positive mental attitude about PE. Most people gain so try reminding yourself more often of that. Second you need to be patient, give it at least 6 months of serious effort. Third, increase your knowledge in all areas of PE and design your workout to fit your schedule. Fourth be commited to see this through one way or the other. It took me over a year to determine that I had been gaining (I suspected I was) however my measurement technique was covering up my gains.

IMO PE devices are cheap. How much do you plop down for beer, movies, yadda yadda? Saying that you invested in camble clamps made me chuckle. Come on Willz!


Hey willz, sorry to hear about your luck so far. The thing is, lots of (even super-consistent) people don’t gain for 90 days or more, but EVERYONE gains. What you have to do is shorten your workouts. I think you’re over-training, which is both limiting growth and defeating your motivation since it’s becoming such a lengthy chore. PE needs to become like brushing your teeth. You can’t do it for 30 minutes every other week, it has to be a shorter, committed routine, every day. Start with the newbie regime as Slack says, and build up from there. Yes, it’s back to square one, but without that foundation, it won’t work. If you stick with this, and gradually build up and customize a plan that works for you, I guarantee you’ll get there. It might take a year or two, but if you’re not in it for the long haul, you might as well not start.

In 1 month you should see gains, How many posts do I read about how people gain after only 2 weeks,

Newbie routine, Dude the newbie routine is about as intense as me jacking off, how the fuck do you gain when you don’t feel like your working out your dick, come on your kidding me right?

After 1 month you should see some sort of gain, ANYTHING, even if it’s 1 mm, after 1 month come on..

My whole point is I’m not spending money on some stupid penis enlargement stuff when you don’t even need it to grow apprently, why should I invent money into something that hasnt worked for me..

So get real, did you have to workout 3 months straight for a small gain, yeah I think not, in 3 months I hear people gaining like anywere from .50-1 inch, you have to be kidding me..

I’m a 21 year old virgin, and I want to wait 2 years for a bigger dick, wen I’m already embarassed of what I have, my goals are so fucking small it’s not even funny, but yet I can’t achieve them, Wow dude wow..

Here and MOS both every other day I see some newb posting about how he’s worked on his routine for 2 weeks and already gotten like 1/8 ” inch after 2 weeks my dick looks smaller.. Seriously, I think my dick is shrinking, not growing.

ALl I hear about from everyone is except yourself how you are, well I don’t want to except my small dick, Everytime I go through we this PE stuff it’s nothing but disappointment.

I’m not asking for some overnight cure, I told myself this manytimes, I will put in the goddamn time, But how can you stay motivated with no results, everyone has the point of giving up.. Even if it was just a small gain, tiny, I would be happy, but nothing.. And than I go read about how people are gaining, and it makes me jealous, This always happens to me everytime I try to do this.

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EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. Some gain fast, some dont. The majority of newbie gains are actually increase in erection quality.

The newbie routine is NOT “as intense as jacking off”, you need to drop the attitude and show some respect, as to be honest your post has really annoyed me.

After one month you SHOULD see gains? NO, once again, thaat is NOT the case.

You dont need to spend money for PE to work, so I have no idea why you’re saying that.

I will say this again, as you obviously failed to comprehend it the first time.

Without consistecy, you WILL NOT GAIN. YOU have not shown consistency, which is why you have not gained. UNTIL you show consistency you have no RIGHT to complain.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

7 days 1 hour a day for 1 month is not consistant at all, your kidding me right? My erection quality hasnt even increased.

What is your idea for consitantsy, what kind of crazied maniac does PE for 3 months straight after he hasnt gotten results, your telling me you wouldn’t get unmotivated just a little, get real.

The newbie routine is about as intense as jacking off, meaning that I don’t feel a damn thing, shouldn’t I feel something in my dick when I exercise to prove that it’s actually expanding.


I believe Slack was referring to consistency within the newbie routine. In your first post you said that you have tried nearly every type of PE. You say that you think of a routine at the start of the month, follow it through 7 days a week (which I will address in a second), and then measure at the end of the month with no gains. Stay consistent with the newbie routine for more than a month! Measure whenever you want, but stick to the newbie routine whether you show a gain or not after a month.

As for the “7 days a week”…lighten it up! Take some rest days, or you will not gain. I know the tendency is to get overzealous with excitement over the prospect of growing your dick, but if you really want to gain you need rest days! Simple as that.

Good Luck, and keep optimistic!

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Originally Posted by dick head about to get banned if he doesn’t stop posting like this
Newbie routine, Dude the newbie routine is about as intense as me jacking off, how the fuck do you gain when you don’t feel like your working out your dick, come on your kidding me right?

Three fucking posts and we are to take your word on anything?

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After all the intesnse exercises I’ve put my dick through the newbie routine is the last thing that I need, 3 months of PE doesnt exactly make me a noob, sorry those exercises are too weak, after I do them it will leave me with the feeling and thought “did I even work my dick out”

Theres no way I’m overdoing it, if anything I’m underdoing it.. Just explain to me how tugging on your dick lightly for 5 minutes is going to make it grow, shouldn’t I feel my tunica or whatever stretching, some kind of pressure? This is my point all along, I don’t feel any intesisty in these exercises, even though the dick isnt a muscle the same principle applies.. When you work out you feel your muscles burn, fatigue, thats when you know you’ve had a good workout, is that now how it is for my dick?

How do you know that things are working? I don’t like doing things without knowing I’m doing them right and they’re going to produce some sort of results, which is how PE is for me.

No rest days?
30 minutes of intense clamping?
Sounds a little like overtraining hell for all I know you could be undertraining.

Also what is your kegel routine?

I don’t have a six pack. I know alot of people who can get them in what seems like an instance. I have put in a shit ton of work to even begin to see my upper abs when I flex.
I’m always learning about something new. Diet and frequency of exercise showed results and later HIT training.
In a way I’m trying to say what works for me might work for you but you have to find what works for your dick.
Keep a log and tough this out because it works. I find visualization and self affirmations work like the dickens as well.

I’m sure that if somebody can help they will.
Remember we’re all in this together. :thumbs:

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Originally Posted by willz
When you work out you feel your muscles burn, fatigue, thats when you know you’ve had a good workout, is that now how it is for my dick?

No, that is NOT how it is for your dick. A better comparison would be stretching your muscles. When you try to touch your nose to your knees, you feel a stretch in your hams, quads, etc. When you stretch your dick, you should feel a similar type of stretch. You SHOULD NOT feel pain or intense fatigue like you would feel when lifting weights. I recommend you read the thread on Physiological Indicators.

"My anaconda don't want none Unless you got buns, hun" -Sir Mix Alot, "Baby Got Back"


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