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Some people can't grow


Rest days. Take a couple weeks off . Then start again and take more periodic rest days between workouts.

Originally Posted by Slack
You ask for advise from the worlds experts in this field then throw a hissy fit when they give it to you? Step one is to remove your head from a dark stinky place, admit to your self that you don’t have a f*cking clue as to what you are doing, and listen to the guys trying to help you.


Remember, all the people that give you advice are giving you the best advice they possibly can. They base their advice on their own experiences and the experiences of a couple of thousand other members. When someone reach out to help and give you advice that they believe will help you gain, it is very disrespectful to tell them to; “get real”, and that; “that is the last thing I need right now”.

Try to calm down and think a bit. If you are doing hard core stuff and keep it consistent for one month and do not gain anything, does it make sense to try even more hard core stuff the second month?

You are not working a muscle like your biceps. Go and take a look in the mirror. Flex your biceps. Imagine then that you could remove your entire biceps, hold it in your hand and study it. Much bigger then your flaccid penis right? Does it still make sense to tug and squeeze on your penis (that is tiny in volume compared to the biceps) like a mad man?

Just for your info guys. He’s on HOLD. So I don’t think Willz can reply to your posts .

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

A decon break seemed to work for me.

I only took about a 10 days off but came back and my unit grew after 1 session. Giving me my current size as a gain.

This was only a couple of weeks ago, after over 3 months of PE, with little or no results. Then, a break, which added a little BPEL and a decent amount of girth…

Originally Posted by meiya777


I don’t want to hurt my unit for ADVANCED routine if my unit is not yet well conditioned, am ready to take more than 3 months of newbie routine if my unit is not ready for those. But how to measure or feel if my unit is well conditioned? Is it possible not having CONDITIONED unit after 3 months newbie routine? How a newbie like me knows when to add extra routine or extra hours?

As long as you’ve been jelqing consistently for 3 months, your penis should be conditioned to the rigours of clamping et all. However if like some people, you haven’t been consistent in the last 3 months (the “last 3 months is important, 3 months of consistency 6 months ago is not the same thing), then your penis won’t be anywhere near conditioned, and highly susceptible to injury.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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Originally Posted by JD76

To willz. You’re currently at 7 by 5 NBP and your bitching? Wake the fuck up and count your blessings!

Hi willz,after re-reading my response post to you I feel I owe you an apology.As many of us here know it is not always the actual size of our penises we are dealing with but the “perceived” size.In other words all that matters is how YOU feel about your present size ,not what the rest of us feel that you SHOULD feel about it.I.E. I might think “why is this guy complaining when he’s a good 1 1/2 inches longer than me.But in your mind you may consider that on the small side.So for me to chastise you is really just a reaction to my envy that you are larger and still not satisfied.Anyway I do apologize and hope you reach a size that is satisfactory to YOU.God Bless and take care!


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