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Some newbie questions

Some newbie questions

Hello guys, I’m new here. I was thinking about starting with PE but first I’d like you to answer me to some questions if possible.

1-> So for the past weeks I’ve been reading a lot about PE and came across this thing I never heard about which is venous leak. Now it really scares me, so is there any specific way to know if you could get a venous leak while doing PE ?
I had some problems with keeping an erection in the past because of masturbation and porn addiction which I cured by taking a long break. It was very depressing for me and the idea of a venous leak scares me a lot.

2-> I have a banana curved penis to the left, it’s like my left side isn’t as developed as my right side. I think it happened from masturbating a lot because I remember years ago I barely had any curve and also when I’m flaccid I can still see a bit of curve so I don’t know if it’s Peyronie. I’ve read about similar stories on this forum and that jelqing can help but any other advice or story would be nice to hear as I am not upset about the entire curve, I just want my left side to develop a bit more.

I’m 21 years old btw and my measurements are: BPEL=5,8” EG=4,7”. I’d also like to gain more girth than length so any advice for that would be nice too.

Thank you.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Reading directions, going slowly and carefully, asking lots of questions and not being in a hurry will greatly reduce any chance of being injured. This forum should help you provided you don’t mind asking about things that you may not understand.

I would day that even after weeks or months of reading, which probably equates to me for a couple of dozen hours worth of reading over time, I still feel I need to get on here to learn things. It is best to educate yourself, and make sure you aren’t experiencing pain while ding these things.

I share you problem with the curvature. I feel that mine is also a result of masturbation. My left corpora cavernosa appears smaller and weaker than the right side. This asymmetry bothers me. I’m hoping to somewhat help that with a modest pumping routine.

One things I’m going to try to help with that is to exclusively masturbate with the opposite hand. I wouldn’t know for sure whether or not it helps, but it’s worth a try. You can also position your member on the opposite side of your underwear and that too allegedly is supposed to help. Being 21, I think that these things could help you. I’ve heard the older you get, the more cemented these changes are as far as curvature goes.

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