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A few Newbie Questions Don't worry, I've read as much Newbie stuff as I can find

A few Newbie Questions Don't worry, I've read as much Newbie stuff as I can find

Hey guys, posting for several reasons. First of all, I wanted to give props where they are due, this site is amazing and I can’t explain how much I appreciate it, the attitudes on the boards, and the knowledge and support readily available here, and I haven’t even started PE’n yet (won’t be in a location where it is possible for another month or so, but I’m perfectly happy reading posts and researching and learning as much as I can until then). I also wanted to post to get my first “hello” out to everyone. I’ve been reading the boards for the last few weeks and just trying to get a general idea of what this is and how it works and get as many opinions on it as I can and I finally felt like it was time for my first post.

As for my questions, in the newbie routine, is the jelqing referred to there dry or wet? I’m assuming wet since dry is considered more intense, but I want to be sure. I definitely plan on following this routine for the first few weeks to get my dick into shape. From there, is it better to focus on length before girth? I have read this in a few places, but I any specific answers/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I’m most concerned about injuries and/or desensitization. Any recommendations or advice on avoiding these two scenarios would also be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully I haven’t asked anything that has been answered too many times and once I can get into a routine I will post starting pics and stats for my own benefit and hopefully for that of the community as well. Thanks again for the knowledge I’ve already gotten out of this site and thanks ahead of time for any and all responses to this thread!

Welcome to Thunders! This place rocks as you can tell. To answer your little newbie questions (J/K :) ) I will say basically that in PE you constantly are in a state of learning for the first year or so, and as you are learning making gains your blood flow to your penis, sensitation, and general penile health will go up and down in cycles as you gain more and more. This is provided that you jelq after some length gains every now and then just to either maintain the penile health or improve it because of length excersizes giving you gains but decreasing your penile health in some cases sometimes. I have expierenced this phenomena many times so I know what I’m talking about…

As for going for length first I’d it is very important to do that first with just length type excersizes and methods, i.e. manual stretching, hanging, ADS/ADH, traction wrapping, stretchers, golf weights, etc… The reason I believe this is because as has been said many times throughtout the years here at Thunder’s as you will see when you read more of BIB’s posts and others that stretching out a fatter girthier dick is going to be harder then stretching a thinner one. Think about it, it is common sence. Take a analogy of stretching a thin cable vs a thicker cable, which one is going to stretch easier and deform with less time. Of course the thinner cable will, because there is less volume (matter A.K.A. molecules/atoms) to stretch then the thicker cable.

Now once you reach your ultimate length goals then it’s my belief that you should maybe still do some light hanging or manual stretching every now and then until you reach fatigue and mainly switch all your excersizing in PE to girth excersizes like (ULI #3’s, Extreme ULI’s, Jelq Squeezes, Girth Blasters, Horse Squeezes, Jelqing, Clamping, etc).

When all this is done you will have the ultimate rod of your dreams and be very happy. PE is great just wait and see. ;) Keep at it and don’t get discouraged if you start to plateau over time that just means its time to either try some new more intense excersizes or hanging angles, ADS for longer with more weight, or whatever until you get a good consitent cycle of gains coming your way over time.

Once again welcome to Thunder’s Place. Enjoy. :)

Oh yeah one other important tip, be sure when going for length gains to keep in mind that the whole reason why you are doing manual stretchs, hanging, ADS/ADH, etc is because you are trying to fatigue and get sore the outer penis shaft, the inner penis shaft inside your body and the base of your cock where the ligs are at the start of the pubic hair. If you can find ways to fatigue these 3 areas and let them heal and repair in a cycle consitently then I think you should see gains fairly often. Don’t forget to kegel a lot before manual stretching, I think this helps somehow to loosen up and tire some part of your anatomy inside your genitals (probaly the BC/IC/PC muscles, maybe the ligs?) and allows for you to put a little more force into your stretchs making them more effective for quicker better soreness/fatigue tiring effect on what area you are targeting.

One other thing to know is the 2 areas you are targeting for PE is the tunica which is part of the outer shaft and the inner shaft inside your body and the suspensory ligs as far as we know, this works for me… Both these materials differ in toughness to fatigue and get sore base on the person doing the stretchs and there own physiclogy but I believe everyone if doing PE correctly can make good gains…

If you have any other questions, give a h00t…

Thanks a lot for the responses! So are you saying I should go to hanging and the likes for length after a good month or two warm up with the newbie routine or should I find a routine with hanging involved to start? Thanks again for your input.

NP on the help. I would suggest doing what you feel at that time is the best for length gains at the moment based off your current dick condition, what you have read and learned, and what you have expierenced already from PE. In my particular case I started out manual stretching a lot with a little jelqing for a couple days after every month to restore my penile health and made good newbie gains. My LOT lowered to about 6:30 (read the BIB LOT (Length Of Tugback) theory)) and it feels like my suspensory ligs I described in the posts above have really lowered and stretched out a lot, also note my erection angle has lowered a little bit but still is a little above being completely horizontal. I don’t mind this because I can still adjust the position for sex and the lowered position actually allows me to measure a longer dick jsut because of the position. :) I don’t want to go much lower though and this is why I have switched most of my focus on instead of trying to constantly fatigue and get sore the lig area where the pubes start like I used to, I am now focusing mainly on getting my whole outer visible shaft sore and inner shaft in my body because I am focusing on the tunica now for gains. The lig gains pull your inner dick out more, the tunica shaft gains I think are the real gains and your dick litterely grows longer, they are harder to get but if you do the right excersizes defintly possible as I have done it with just manual stretching alone recently now (A-Stretchs, V-Stretchs, Inverted V-Stretchs).

Hanging on the other hand can defintly work and give you great gains but there is a long learning curve (testing how to wrap correctly, how to hang fulcrum style, how to hang at different angles, how long to hang, how tight to tighten the hanger, what hanger to use, etc) as you can see there are many variables and questions to answer to do hanging correctly, but once these questions are answered you can hang and get the benifit of multitasking and concetrate on doing something else while you are hanging for gains. Manual stretching seems to take a little more concentration but I belive if done right with the right excersizes may be the only length type PE you need. Although combining other length PE excersize types can be of benifit if allowed time for rest and done right.

Another point to remember I learned is to use V-Stretchs with your thumb pressing carefully and slowly to increase tension in the middle guitar like string of the penis, this will loosen up the septum of the tunica (which we think it is here) which is very tough and allow gains to be made easier for the tunica. That is one hurdle (Limiting Factor as we call them) that I have realized and have had to come over so far. Keep this in mind. ALso be sure to use a overhand OK grip when manual stretching, I made my inital newbie gains by just doing a pinchier type side OK grip with my forefinger/index finger and thumb around the head (which really bruised and beat it up at times but jelqing for a few days cleared that up). This was ok but after a while gains starting to plateau and I couldn’t get over the hump so I hung and learned a lot there and for some reason went back to manual stretching with V-Stretchs, A-Stretchs and Inverted V-Stretchs and found this is giving my tunica (inner and outer shaft) even better and more soreness/fatigue then hanging with a Wench and Piet type hanger in the OTS and SO angles for many many sets. Fulcrum hanging though through the few times I did it did seem to really fatigue my tunica well though. It’s probaly just because I’m not using the hanger absolutely correctly yet or not the right hanger. THE REASON WHY COMING BACK TO MANUAL STRETCHING AGAIN WITH THE V AND A STRETCHS WERE WORKING BETTER TO FATIGUE MY TUNICA WAS BECAUSE I TARGETED THE SEPTUM FOR WITH THE THUMB PRESSED V STRETCHS A LOT ALL ALONG THE SHAFT AND I ALAWAYS WOULD MAKE MY OK GRIP FOR EVERY STRETCH WHEHTER THEY WERE JAI’S, BASIC MANUAL STRETCH, ROTATION STRETCHS, WITH A OVERHAND OK GRIP ABOUT A HALF INCH TO A INCH BEHIND THE CORONOA OF THE GLANS MAKING SURE TO GRIP THE GLANS/HEAD OF THE PENIS AS WELL WITH MY LOWER FINGERS (MIDDLE, RING, PINKEY FINGERS). THIS WAS KEY TO HOLDING AND GIVING A BETTER STRETCH TO THE TUNICA INSIDE THE INNER AND OUTER SHAFT OF THE PENIS! Mastering the different finger grips (especially the overhand OK grip) and how tight you grip is KEY to performing a effective manual stretch that will get you gains and allow you hold on to the stretch with great tension for long periods of time…

As you can see, PE isn’t just a walk in the park. There is so much to learn and try for making big gains. Hope I helped out, good luck on the gains.

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