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How do I measure other newbie questions, please help

How do I measure other newbie questions, please help

Hello all

I know some of these questions may seem dumb or obvious, but I have tried to search without much success
I found the link to “The most often asked and annoying questions!” but didn’t see these questions

#1. How should I measure my penis, length, girth etc?

#2. What is the definition of BPEL, BPEG, etc.? (I know the EL is erect length, and EG is erect girth.)

#3. How do you add starting measurements and info to your post every time?

Thank you for your help

Hopefully this will help.

#1. Use a ruler for length and a tape measure for girth

#2. BPEL is Bone Pressed Erect Length. There isn’t a BPEG, but I think you mean NBPEL, which is Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length. The difference being with BPEL you press the ruler into the fat pad.

#3. Click on User CP > Settings and Options > Edit Signature

Hover your cursor over the abbreviation, and the term will pop up.

#1 Consistently. The most important thing is that you use exactly the same method, equipment, ‘penis state’, etc. Penis size studies usually measure bone pressed erect length, which is along the top of the penis, pressed into the pelvis with some force but not enough for it to be sore, and I suggest you do it while standing.

#2 One other that you missed which you may come across is BPFSL, which is Bone Pressed Flacid Stretched Length, which is also not uncommon in the penis size studies. It is also a good way to track your gains.

#3 You may find it easy to keep your own personal record, perhaps on an Excel document. You may always upload this to share later on if you wish.

When using the search, make sure you go into the Advanced Search, and select ‘Search for Titles’. That should give you lots of results for all questions such as these and many, many more.

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