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Some advice

Some advice

Whats going on fellas, this is my first post, I just started PEing about a week ago, I’m a little over 5 inches length erect, decent girth but I haven’t measured.I noticed already some flaccid length gains, but I was looking for advice on something else. Honestly I’ve never had a complaint or a “is it in yet” experience, I’ve definitely made up for my shortcomings with skill in the bedroom, but recently, I met this girl, she is definitely feeling me, when she asked how big I was I told her 5, and she responded with some disappointed surprise like ” really?? Only 5 when your hard?? My ex was pretty big” so I started to panic n said no 5 soft, around 6 hard n she said that isn’t too bad.this was a big mistake I know. From the start she said she wanted to wait a while to have sex, we really like each other, but I’m just worried about when that day comes if I haven’t reached 6 yet.what do you guys think.

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I think the girl sounds like a size queen, and you may be setting yourself up to hear a rude comment later by lying to her about your length now. On the other hand, you may not be the first guy with 5” who told her it was 6”, and she may be fine with your size.

I say fuck her when you get the chance, and if she has some sort of problem then move on to the next one and start all over again. There are too many women who are fine with 5” to 6” penises to spend a lot of time worrying about the ones who aren’t.

At least you’re not married and you can fuck whoever you want.

When you get her top off ask her what size her cans are. If she tells you “c’s” say ‘that’s it? my last girlfriend had D’s.’ Or if she tells you “D’s” then say ‘That’s it? My last girlfriend had double D’s’. See how she likes that! ;)


I know it is tough but too many guys tie their own self esteem up in how women view their dicks.

Do PE for yourself, not rush it because of what a passing girlfriend says.

I make this point because some “size queens” would consider a 8”x6” dick as small, in which case, if you meet such a girl 95% of men are setting their self-esteem to be crushed.

If you want PE, do if for yourself. 5” (depending how you measure) is slightly smaller than average, but not greatly according to some surveys. It is not small.

Another point. Ask your girl how far it is from your door to the nearest shop in meters, ask her to guess. My bet is she won’t have a clue. Generally women’s ability to estimate length or distance is woeful! So why would you trust her when she says he ex’s dick was big? Equally, if having a big dick is so great, why is he her ex? LOL.

Good luck,

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