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Small size rant.


Originally Posted by Audacia
I’ve never had sex or anything and I’m 20 with over 7+incher.


**Penox…whats your size?**

My before PE size was BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.3

Started PE in Augest. I have been using an ADS “medical stretcher” they call it for 2 to 3 hours a day 5 days a week, then I follow up on that with the newbie routine. The past “almost” two months I have also been hanging once or twice a week for about 20 minutes. I also do a BTC and sit on it when ever I think about it daily.

Current size is BPEL = 6.75, EG = 4.6.

I did hit 7” with a massively rock hard erection, but I don’t count a gain unless I can hit it with any erection. I mean it has to be hard, but not squeeze and grunt until your eyes pop out hard for it to go on my gain sheet.

I didn’t start out as small, but understand I live in a small community, small sports team, everyone knows everyone. I have probably saw every cock that is up to 4 years older or 4 years younger in the locker room. I thought the average was around 8 until I came to these forums.

And I have saw others my wife “in highschool” has slept with. I can ensure you there is a mixture of 7’s, 8’s and probably even a 9+, Of course those numbers are a visualization guess. But still very demoralizing for me. But what can you do? Like I have mentioned our marriage is perfect, there is no complaint from her in my department even before PE, its more of my own problem I have to deal with.

I stealth PE also, its a for sure way to know if your result is real when you notice a difference from them and you know its not just to protect your feelings. That is my opinion on the matter.

My goal is to hit 7.5 bone pressed then try to break 5” in girth. I will continue even when I hit my gains. I am so happy with the gains and the results in the bedroom from them i will always do some type of PE for life if I can as a security blanket that i’ll never lose them.

Just hang in there and put trust in that it works, because it does. Slow and steady wins the PE race IMO. Keep us posted on your PE gains.

You cannot gauge someone’s size from seeing them flaccid in a changing room. Few of us hetero men have seen, in person, a dude sporting a hard on. All we know are what the averages are and based on those averages, the multiple 7 and 8inchers you saw may have very likely been smaller than that.

Iwish6, be thankful you found this site at 19.

I’m 30 now, when I was 17-19 I remember measuring my penis and it was about 5.5” long and 4.5” in girth, and it curved to the right. I was thinking about this one day and noticed the way I jerked off and how the right side of the penis seemed smaller, anyway, on my own I came to the conclusion that if I stretched it and jerked it hard in a jelqing motion away from my curve (this was before I knew about the jelq) I could make the right side bigger.

So I did this for years all on my own and got my dick to about 6” long and probably 4.75” in girth. The curve is only slightly improved but oh well. Then I found this site and have since grown to just under 7”, and now after dumping my live in gf I can PE again and am now aiming for 8x6, so stick with it and you will get to where you need to be.

Also, you are young man! When I was 20 I thought my gf was the one I would marry. I am so glad she dumped me after 2 years because I have lived such a more fulfilling life without her, there are so many different women out there all with something unique to offer and I am glad I have sampled such a wide variety, with many more to sample still! So keep up the PE work and don’t even talk about marriage, wait 5 or 10 years then revisit the idea, whats the rush, you still have so much time! I’m not saying to dump your gf, I think you are in the best situation you could be in, so stick with her for another year or so then reevaluate your life.

- Stereo


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