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Small size rant.

Dude first blow jobs are always better than hand jobs so do not be insecure like that. You need to increase your confidence as well. Do not let depression happen because of your penis size.

Virgins can not take a lot of dick so don’t worry about her. Also if she loves you she will love every inch of you regardless if you were big or small. If you want to change then become a pe addict.

Learn pe. Breathe pe. Read and gather knowledge of everything you can. Firstly like the others said start the newbie routine.

Pe is a life style just like lifting weights in the gym. Master the newbie routine then work your self up.

If you want more motivation read the threads members pics and see their gains for visual proof. This is what helped me belive. Good Luck with your pe Quest.

First Measurement November 1 2009: EBPL 7.5

Current Measurement June 1st 2010: EBPL 8.0

Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches || EBPL Long Term Goal:9 inches EBPL

The other thing to keep in mind is that you are 19 so you may actually grow some on your own the next few years. I am certain I grew a little over the years from 18 to say 22 years old. And that was pre PE. If you combine it with a steady PE program you will have nothing to worry about. Your girlfriend is a virgin so like the other guys said she will probably appreciate your current size. She would probably run from an 8 x 6 at this point.

Originally Posted by iwish6
Thanks everyone for your support once again. All of you are great. Although I don’t personally know each and every one of you, you are like friends to me. I have great friends here back at home, but these issues I cannot and will not talk to them about it.even my parents are excluded. As of now I believe this is something I need to deal with myself. No therapists or psychs thankyou.thunders will do just fine.

BerverPooh- haha yeah I’ve thought about anal too. Maybe ill try to slowly transition into it, hehe. Ill keep you guys updated.

My flacid gains have been on and off. I’m not sure if it’s due to better EQ but my “dude” shrinks up to it’s small size now and again (2.5 inches flacid).

Here a little more info on my life under the sheets. When I say “animal” I mean animal, but this is once things have gotten started and far past foreplay. We never begin without the cuddling and slow rubbing. It usually begins with one of us slowly kissing each other and then tongue is added and then slow rubbing and then dry humping and then I lift her up and we head to the room. I know she goes along with it, but I question is she wants it. I mean during the act of “fooling around” I know she enjoys it. I know she’s not faking the moaning, but I wonder if she does indeed want to mess around.

I hope I do gain. There seems to be a lot of people here at thunders that have. All I can do is hope I follow in the footsteps they have left for me.

Thanks again guys. You guys really helped a young guy today. Reading these posts I gain some confidence and reassurance. Ill be sure to add you guys to my buddy list. Peace!

I read your whole thread, and must say you deserve to gain big. For the moment, just be happy you found a place like this. TP will give you every tool you need for support, information, etc.
I got a little worried when you mentioned at the end of this post that when you and your girlfriend are fooling around that you wonder if she really wants to have sex.
Of course she does, because this is natural. Does she want to go through with it, is the other question. She is a Christian and she wants to wait until marriage, but she also mentioned that she will not be getting married for a long time and she may want to succumb to her needs.

Im going to be frank with you, but it is only because I don’t want you to lose your girlfriend. Just ask her how she feels about sex, and avoid discussing your insecurities and depression with your penis. TP, and the wonderful people here will address those issues.

Regarding PE, you need to start educating yourself on what approaches to take withing the next year. Newbie routine for the first three months, I would start pumping as Big G. has suggested immediately at moderate pressures, as I agree this will give you some quick size to help you along with your manual routine. Whatever you do, just don’t over pump and avoid edema as much as possible, as this will make jelqing harder.

It sounds like you have a nice girlfriend, so I recommend a talk with her about sex. You need to get over your size, and realize that it is good enough to please an inexperienced girl. You will grow in penis size as your relationship grows hopefully. Again, I am worried that your girlfriend may be drifting away by you coming up with these six month deadlines. You may just be messing things up with that because it doesn’t seem natural, but more orchestrated with unknown intentions from her perspective unless she already can see right through you. I would talk to her about this matter as you were fooling around, as it might make her more uncomfortable in just a plain coffee table conversation. So just ask her how she feels about sex in between kissing her. In between touching and kissing her ask her “will this make things better for us.” She will give you an honest answer then. Make sure you don’t ask her to have sex while she is performing oral on you, as this will make her feel uncomfortable.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Hey clubber, I’m not too sure by what you mean by “ask her how she feels about sex?” bc I believe I already did that. The first time about 4 months ago.she told me the three reasons and that she doesn’t think she will be able to wait until marriage.

We talked about it again recently after we fooled around one night and we were laying in bed cuddling. After some time and thinking I suggested the “every 6 months we can see if were ready.”

More detailed story:
Actually I first suggested that we just not have sex unless we get married. She then responded with something like.”what made you come to that idea?” I responded with something that I do not remember word for word. Anyway I then said “how about we wait a year and we can see if were ready.” I told her that this would go with her 3 reasons for not having sex quite well. If we break up during that year than it would support her third reason (she doesn’t want to regret having sex with me and then later break up and find someone more special that she ends up marrying). This will also support her first idea about waiting for marriage. If she’s not ready after the year, then we will just wait and see the next year if were still going out. Well we both agreed a year is too long so we ended up with the 6 month wait.

After the conversation we layed out the guidelines that we would follow or whatever. We will say no sex unless we get married but if she some how changes her mind (since she doesn’t think shell wait that long) then every 6 months we will see.

We also agree that this was a weird/different approach to sex. She also laughed and told me that she was thinking of the idea about deadlines or whatever as soon as I brought sex that night.

I’ve also told her before that I believe waiting until your married is important but if I ever found someone special (like her) then I wouldn’t care about waiting. So she knows I want to have sex. I’ve also encouraged it during bed play but she turned it down each time (I brought it up twice on two different occasion). After she turned it down, we continued with the bed play. Afterwards is when we talked about sex.

She was going out with her ex (on and off) for 4 years. They fooled around like we do (not sure if it was as animal) but she says she is still a virgin. I’m 100% she is still a virgin, but I thought you guys would like to know that bit of info.

I agree with you clubber about “stop discussing my insecurities/depressions with my penis.” I know’s just hard to do. I need to do some soul searching. Put my mind on paper bc it’s constantly spinning out of control.

I appreciate the advice guys. It helps me out more than just below the belt :)

Originally Posted by iwish6
I appreciate the advice guys. It helps me out more than just below the belt :)

That’s why this site is great, we can talk about things that we have built up inside and can not talk to anyone of our close friends with. It helps to let it out with other people who are in the same boat and understand. It will get better and you will get more confident.

Just hang in there iwish6. I think it is to your benefit that you can do PE before you have sex anyways, if it all works out the way it should.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Hang in there man, you’re doin alright,

If you need a confidence booster it’s this, stick to the routines here, and your dick will get bigger. Flat out. It may seem slow, it may happen really fast, only time will tell. But if you stick to it, it will happen. I didn’t gain anything the first month and a half, but by month 3, I had gained 1/2” in nbel and 1/8 in girth. It may just come out of nowhere. Trick to it is don’t measure every day. Because you won’t really see results that way and that will be discouraging. I’d say measure once a month.

Also, if you’re worried about what your girl thinks about your size, remember a woman ALMOST always thinks a dick is bigger than it really is. For example, talking with my girlfriend one night, she mentions my penis is huge and asks me how big it actually is, I responded by asking her how big she thought it was, and she said “I’d say 8 inches”. I of course just kind of slyly grinned at her, but truth be is at the time it was just over 6” nbpel. So she was almost a full 2” off. So you’re gf probably thinks you’re packin AT LEAST average. Also, try looking at it in the mirror more often, for some reason, my johnson always looks much bigger in the mirror than it does when I just look down at it. Angle maybe?

Also, I know what you mean when you say you wonder if she does indeed want to mess around. I always thought the same about my gf, it always felt like I was the instigator, I was always the one starting everything. So one day I decided to just stop instigating. After a week, she mentions something about how we haven’t had sex and I just said “tell me about it” which of course ticked her off but I wanted her to get mad so she saw where I was coming from. I then explained to her the only thing from my point of view that changed was that I stopped instigating it. Believe it or not, this helped, but also made me realize that my gf is the kind of girl that WANTS me to instigate it, she wants me to take control. You’re gf might be the same way.

Good luck man and just keep at it. Don’t fall off your routines, and gains will come.

I wish you all the best iwish6!

Originally Posted by iwish6
BerverPooh- haha yeah I’ve thought about anal too. Maybe ill try to slowly transition into it, hehe. Ill keep you guys updated.

This would probably be a disaster for a young Christian girl. she will feel used and abused, and not in a good way! This is something to leave until your sex life has grown boring after many years of routine. If you’re lucky, your sex life will never get boring. Anal is not all it’s cracked up to be, and if you do it without a condom, you run the risk of getting an infection in your urethra - nobody seems to speak about that on TPs.

Originally Posted by iwish6
I know she goes along with it, but I question is she wants it. I mean during the act of “fooling around” I know she enjoys it. I know she’s not faking the moaning, but I wonder if she does indeed want to mess around.

Don’t be so insecure. She loves it. When a woman is reluctant, they have ways of letting you know. Let’s hope you never find out what that’s like. You are one lucky guy right now - far luckier than a lot of guys with huge dicks. Rejoice!

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Mark777. You shined some new light on the the “anal” situation. I understand where your coming from and I agree. I shouldn’t attempt to do so just bc I can’t go through the front door. I will not attempt to go through the back door.
I wouldn’t want her to “feel used and abused.” I’m all into the in it for love thing anyway :)

I guess I am lucky in many ways. We love each other.I just hope it lasts. I hope my insecurities don’t get in the way. I hope I grow.

Originally Posted by marky777

If your flaccid is already getting bigger, I would say success is guaranteed. But a lot of guys in your position are like the parable of the talents: They say, “God gave me a small penis, so I’m going to bury it under a bushel, and hang my head and cry”. If you don’t recall the story, I encourage you to read it here:…of-the-talents/

So if you are going to do PE, then get on with it, and don’t deviate from your goal.

Wise Marky777…or Saint Mark???

Christian words to a christian guy!! Good for you.

El Muchacho crece sano y Fuerte :D !!! jejejeje

Get an ADS, I swear by mine as part as my PE routine, ADS, newbie routine, BTC stretch any chance I get. Almost 1 inch length, just a hair below, and 1/3 an inch in girth, I haven’t hit my six month mark yet =). I am only working on length atm. But the girth gains that come with it are deffiently welcomed.

ADS 2 hours a day, give or take an hour on certain days. 5 days on 2 off, newbie routine, BTC Stretch. Less is more! At least its true for me.

Good luck bro!


Sounds like you found an amazing girl. Don’t over think how soon you will have sex with her. Keep fooling around with her and make sure she knows how much you enjoy her and she will tell you when she is ready. I had a girlfriend that was the same way and being patient was definitely worth it.

Hey Iwish6, I’ve never posted before, but you’ve really inspired me, so here’s a few little gems for you, PE and confidence related. You seem like an awesome guy, and although my situation is a little different, I had to deal with serious issues of insecurity when I was younger that I eventually managed to power through with a little research. First of all you need to set yourself goals relating to PE and your confidence, and be really descriptive, actually write them down and go over them and update them often.. This is by far the most important part, that way whenever you are doing something, that thing will have a specific cause relating to your goals. This motivates you more to achieve your goals. Once you’ve done that you HAVE to focus on your state of mind ALL OF THE TIME. Humans are creatures of habit, the more we think negatively of something, the more disposed we are to think of that thing in a negative way, you need to become more receptive to your thoughts so you can catch yourself when you think negatively of yourself, then try to switch your state of mind. The more often you think a positive way, the easier it will become to think like that, and you’ll habitually think in a positive manner. Another thing that will help is to turn failure into simple feedback. Without failure it’s impossible to learn anything, so with that in mind, failure is a good thing because it tells you something that you haven’t learned yet, and as a result, you can learn from it. If you can harness the power of your mind, you can achieve anything that you want to. I recommend doing some reading on NLP, psychology, and maybe even google the name Neil Strauss and see where that takes you. Whilst you’re building a bigger dick, why not build a massive amount of confidence as well.

Hey carbon good hearing from ya. You know what? I am an awesome guy! I think everyone is awesome in their own way.

I believe I do have confidence. I’ve prob read more books and studied confidence than the average person my age. I’ve read those leadership books, listen to some CD’s (millionaire minds a good one), I’ve read “the secret,” I’ve read almost every page on dating/sex on (really good shit!). I can be confident and flirt effectively with someone I’m attracted to. The prob is that I begin to back off and question myself whenever it gets too close to getting under the covers. I’ve had many girlfriends but no bed play with them (except with my current gf) all bc of my lack in size. This is where the prob is.

This tells me that my confidence is great until my size comes into play and I know I will never be fully confident in that area unless I get the average size that I want. Thats all I want.average. I don’t need to go overboard on the whole big shlongadong thing. Being average would suffice.

As of now I am hopeful. I have an amazing gf that hasnt said anything yet. I can’t let my size get the best of me. I have time to grow and I will!

Thanks for the advice carb. I’ve known about the “writing down your goals can help” bit but never actually tried it and stuck with it. Ill begin doing this right away. By the way I’ve read up on neil strauss and read his book “the game” this past summer.


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