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Small Penis Equals Bad Jokes


Originally Posted by djrobins
I’d suggest cheating with some females who dig you, and after built up self esteem to rip the rug from under her feet in the worst possible fashion.

Dude what on fucking earth are you on about?

To be a bigger man you should step to her low is what your advice is? That sort of thinking leads to you doing some of the most ridiculous things.

Now on to the real topic.

Tell her that those comments are not only unwelcome, but that it is incredibly redundant to even explain on how many levels talk like that is unnecessary. Not only is it ridiculous to talk to ones partner in that manner out of self esteem issues, but that’s probably the best way to see how little manners one has. Manners to me are the biggest turn off if they are lacked.

If she doesn’t understand that she needs her head checked.

Further more, say this once. If she gives you the conversation that you are too sensitive or some shit, get the fuck up and leave. End of story.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Tgsmallbelow
But when I tell her she has small tits she’s like I can get implants, maybe you can get a dick implant too..

Ah the beauty of being 19. :spin2:

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

Man nobody deserves to be treated like that, I agree with some previous advise about letting her know about how you feel and how hurtful her comments are to you, and if she continues with that attitude I would say fuck it you do not need anybody to make you feel down specially when that person is supposed to be in love with you, and you should consider your PE as a bonus but don’t do it for her bro, do it for you and for you to feel more confident and happier.

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I say dump that f**king bitch.

You aren’t good enough for her? Since when do you have to be good enough *for her*. When did she earn the right for you to care about anything she says? When she humiliated you? Yeah, right.

Don’t feel scared, there are lots of other girls, and you can get each and everyone of those girls, even if you have a small dick, so just cut it with this girl, cleanly and without sentiments, and move on.

And yeah, you can start doing PE. Do it correctly, and you’ll see gains and it will improve your confidence. ‘Cause, when you come to it, your dick is fine, it’s just you confidence that needs work, and every bitch who try to tell you otherwise is wrong.

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

1. Google “toxic people” and read some of the articles that show up in the search. Sounds like your girlfriend is a toxic person, and you need to decide if you want to continue to be tormented by her. Best of luck.

2. PE isn’t that hard. If you can masturbate you can probably PE.

3. If you want to last a long time in bed, master the techniques described in the following link. Once you can go 30 mins by yourself, you can last as long as you want with a partner:

I think there has been enough good advice in this topic to help you. There is only so much you can say before a person has to help themself. Good luck.

Ask this to yourself: what’s in this relationship for ME? Are you enjoying it, or are feeling worse as days pass? This is a very important question. Be sincere to yourself.

She’s your first girlfriend, and I believe I’ve been in a smilar situation myself. Just remember: she’s just one of BILLIONS of women out there. Start running your brain and be more rational.

Problematic women are a mess, and they can fuck up a man REAL bad. Just take my word, and make use of the experience :)

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Playing games is childish. Nothing “alpha about” telling your girl she has small tits when she tells you you have a small dick. It’s just childish bullshit and it’s unhealthy. Solve your issues or let it go and find someone else.

Originally Posted by iDare

Playing games is childish. Nothing “alpha about” telling your girl she has small tits when she tells you you have a small dick. It’s just childish bullshit and it’s unhealthy. Solve your issues or let it go and find someone else.

So, have you any ideas about ‘How the issues can be solved’

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Finding the problem that’s causing the comments, the real problem.

Supposing that the girl needs a bigger dick. If she cares even a little bit about the guy she would never say such a thing. Maybe she would broke up and find someone more compatible (rarely the case), but a comment like that involves a lot of frustration. She’s for some reason frustrated. Finding out how she feels about the relationship and searching for the real issue would be my approach.

A relationship has to have more positive in it then negative. If it’s not the case, it’s not worth it.


I’m going to let you into a secret. You say your g/f acts like she really likes having sex with you. She probably does. Not only that, but as sick as it sounds, she probably gets really turned on telling you you have a small dick. You know what I think?

Right now, she is the perfect partner for you. She is actually helping build your confidence. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I had a boss who used to say when business conditions were hard, “it’s training with weights on”. She is your trainer. She is tough - she is your worst nightmare - but admit it, she is also fun. Please don’t tell her about her small tits. Be the man you are. Try and get into her mind and see if I am right about it turning her on. If it does, you can have fun with it. Honestly.

Roll with it for now. Enjoy the sex, work on your p.e. problem and work on your PE as well :) I started at 5.75 BPEL and got 3/4” real quick. (1/2 inch in one month and the other 1/4 soon after)

When you do the PE, don’t rush it and over-train. A light and steady routine is the way to gain safely. Before I started, I read hundreds of posts on Thunder. Look at my signature, there is a link to help with premature ejaculation - I am probably going to shut the site when it comes up fro renewal, so get in there quick.

By the way, how often are you having sex?

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