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Small Penis Equals Bad Jokes

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Hey TG,

There is 2 options you can choose so you can get over this problem that I think would help:

1) Talk to her about it, tell her your feelings

You: I’m really getting hurt about the way you say my dick is small everytime we fight, it makes me insecure and I feel like you make me a piece of meat (haha use that last bit it’ll get to her). I got feelings, and I want you to respect them just as I respect you. I don’t bring up any of your insecurities when we fight. I want a girl who makes me feel good not bad.


2) Act Confident

In your head everything a negative thought comes up replace it with a positive one. (Best thing to do is research on it, preferably on google).

Next time you have a fight, and she brings up the penis issue. Just laugh it off, and say you need a tighter pussy. And just act like you don’t care when she brings it up. Just act the opposite way you feel.

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No woman should insult one mans penis.


Maybe keep her around for your PE motivation. Many of us did gain an inch in our first year or less.

Bipolar is something, some folks are just crazy. They know it, don’t care and keep on doing what keeps them crazy.

Its good to hear that you say “I can still get girls”, like as a matter of factly.

You learning this earlier than I did. If someone uses such corrosive comments so often, its unlikely that it will get better. Actually, I do not know of one situation where either me or someone else has been in a similar predicament to have ever improved for the long term… Not one. Not any marriage, not any long term relationship.

Penis size is not the problem. Penis size discussions are symptoms. Something else is not working over there.

Some chicks use man’s greatest insecurity to menthally slap him.

I would say it’s a communication issue. You need to talk and sort things out.


As an adult, do you think that thats someone’s place? I mean, if you mentally slap you might as well physically slap… I do not or have NOT heard of one single situation where this behavior was common that it has reverted for good, it usually gets worse.

It has nothing to do with his dick, it has to do with she wants to hurt him.

Agree with djrobins.

Actually there was one statement you said that reminded me of myself (years ago). It was “If someone uses such corrosive comments so often, its unlikely that it will get better.” I used to be like this. I had to step back, reevaluate the person I was becoming, detach myself from relationships (that were influencing me) and then change for the better. It doesn’t happen overnight and usually you need a good kick in the ass for it to happen. I agree that if Tgsmallbelow stays with her, there is very little chance of her changing for the better. To use a basketball analogy, there are team players and there are cancers. Team players are positive and try to help the team. Cancers are corrosive and rot everything away with negativity. If she wants to change from a cancer to a team player, there is nothing you can do about it. The change has to come from within and it has to be her choice. It’s hard for this to happen because when you are this way all you want to do is blame other people. This issue has nothing to do with penis size.

CubanB is correct, it IS possible if that impetus for change comes from within the person themself.

Usually the ones who do this, get a vicarous rush from the impact the comment made. Its like a drug, and others will enable these people.

IE: your friends and family might find the comments and attitude against you quite funny over time, so she doesn’t feel like anything is wrong.

Also if she keeps banging you, you might become more like her. It can mess up your situations.

I’d suggest cheating with some females who dig you, and after built up self esteem to rip the rug from under her feet in the worst possible fashion.

Definitely some of the best advice I have seen. I would also like to add that you need to sleep with her best friend. It truly is the only was to crush her completely. But moving on you need to lose that girl as soon as possible. You already seem to have confidence issues and she isn’t helping you. A relationship should make both parties feel good about themselves. Second thing would be to STOP beating yourself up over your penis size. Stop thinking your penis is small. Ask yourself what is your penis small compared to? Small compared to a porn star, sure, but a majority of this forum and a majority of men are as well. Yet is your penis small compared to someone with mircopenis? No, it is not so you truly have not been cursed with a small penis. This mentality of measuring yourself as a man based on you dick is messing with your head. My dick is the smallest my girl has been with and I’m the only one who has ever gotten her off. So learn some dick control, go the extra mile and give her lots of foreplay, and have a good time.

Well I suppose that next time she says it you could retort ‘well it matches your small tits’
(Or any other part of her anatomey which she might be proud of)

When she stops sulking she might drop hurting you

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You’re both 19. You said that relationship is destructive. I’d say have a nice day and move along. Just say that you’re leaving because of the constant arguments & insults. AND, tell her that you don’t have a small dick, SHE has a huge pussy [CP for the old timers here]. :rolling: Just kidding; if you break it off, be nice because karma can be a bitch.

If this lady is the love of your life and you are going to spend the rest of your life with her, then you’ve got some serious work to do.

Good luck.

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You deserve better than her.

If you need a bigger dick to feel confident, then start working on it. I think you can get that. But do yourself a favor and get rid of that girl, and put an end to this torture.

WTF do you need her for ayway? I mean if the sex sucks, why do you need her? Direct your energy to the exercises, and your stamina. Do KEGELS. Do them like carzy, they’re worth every effort and sweat. Just take my word.

And if there’s no girl in your life, in that period you may make much better gains. Start loving yourself, and just get rid of her :) No girl is MUCH better than a bad girl.

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Punt the cunt.

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It’s bullshit that she brings crap like your penis size up unless it has something to do with what you are arguing about. But that’s women. Shit comes from all angles if they think it will help them win. But what is the real reason she does it? It appears she is doing it as an extra jab as she knows it diverts the argument. She goes for your weak spot, because she knows it hurts but with lasting effects and you’ll take the bait. Stay on course. Next time expect her to bring it up, just smirk it off and continue on with what you were discussing/arguing about as if she never said it. If she continues to bring it up say “what does my dick have to do with [topic of arguement]?” Stick to the topic unless this is her problem. If she still gets to you, maybe you need to have a good look at your relationship if she KNOWS it hurts you but she keeps it up. That is just wrong.

One thing you’ll find at Thunder’s is that you aren’t small. If you have some pounds to shed, do it, there are more inches are hiding in there just waiting to come out.

Besides, if you are only 19, you got alot of banging left to do before settling down. Lose the pounds, learn how to be a better lover, increase your dick size and bang as many chicks as possible. Condoms, of course. The last thing you need is a vindictive bitch in your life messing with your head. Learn from this lesson and move on. Sometimes with regards to women, you have ask yourself would you rather be lonely or miserable? Good luck.

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Lol definitely needed all of the advice I really appreciate it, it’s just such a hard topic to talk with my friends because I really don’t enjoy letting them in on the fact that my penis is small lmao. I’m definitely considering leaving the gf because of how much fights we get in, but I guess I’m kinda scared to leave cause she’s my known evil and I actually do love her alot. The sex isn’t bad believe it or not she’s a freak, but always tells me how much I can’t handle her and her big ass lol, and to answer if she has small tits YES! But when I tell her she has small tits she’s like I can get implants, maybe you can get a dick implant too.. Ridiculous comebacks! So I end up being viciously spiteful and things don’t end nicely I’m gonna try and do alot of PE just kinda hurts because of the calluses in my hands because of years of lifting with out gloves lol


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