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SMALL PENIS can't deal with it anymore


He did the newbie routine for 6 months so far.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Yep 6 months.

I don’t understand the hanging at all. I haven’t researched it. I can’t even picture what you are saying with the golf weights. How do you put weights on your penis? Then pull as well, it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s ok if you can’t explain, I can research it more.

One thing I notice is there is a lot of skin when I jelq. I read a thread about pulling down all the skin with one hand to base and Jelqing with just one hand. Maybe my Jelqing quality is low because I’m being hampered by extra skin. Going to try it this way and see if I feel a difference.

Originally Posted by BeardedDragon
He did the newbie routine for 6 months so far.

Yeah, if there is room for improvement on your jelqing form, then it might be worth experimenting to find a better form, and then trying that for a while. If you’re already getting an internal pressure expansion above your grip, though, I don’t see a form change making much difference. If you don’t feel like you’re getting that internal expansion, then there still might be potential gains you could get from jelqing yet.

Some guys use golf weights (the kind that would go on a golf club for working on the swing) to jimmy-rig a passive stretching device, or as I understand it, rig them to hang directly on the penis. It’s one of many options you can research, and it would be under the ADS (all day stretch) category.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Ok thanks. I am going to make this one Jelqing change and at the same time start researching these other options. I wish there was a consensus among the experts as to which of the following rot try first: hanging, extension and pumping. I’m willing to do whatever but my biggest fear is just doing it incorrectly.

My advice, use an ADS at a MODERATE tension (NOT high) and use that for at least 4-5 hours a day, worst case scenario, whenever you are at home. Maybe cut back on the manual work, just make sure it isn’t too aggressive.


I would try to modify the way you stretch. Why bot try Shazzan stretches: Newbie routine+extender?? , post nbr 18


Still in the restarted Newbie Routine until March 4th I suppose. Before going for a Bathmate I would modify after March 4th a single item - for you it might probably be jelqing method. I suppose I already could convince you to Shazzan stretching.

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There could be a few different things to try. First off is your jelq technique solid. When you jelq are you getting a good bulge of blood going up your shaft. The jelq is an amazing exercise but if it isn’t done correctly it can also be a great waste of time. So I would say make sure the technique is good. If the technique is good and you are getting good flow then maybe you can try adding 5 more minutes per session. Sometimes one can simply get accustomed to what they have been doing and more is needed, not always but if your routine has stayed the same for 5 months then maybe its time to increase the volume of work.

As far as stretching is concerned are you getting a good grasp or are you going through the motions. It can help to do a review of your techniques in each and every exercise. Spend one session just doing technique work, do each exercise slow as if you are learning it from scratch, As mentioned in a prior post quality will beat quantity every time so make sure these exercises are of high quality and efficiency. One thing I noticed in your opening post is that you jelq from flaccid to 70% erect. Get back to jelqing at least 50% erect, you are already stretching enough with 10 reps of each stretch.

I would give it another month or so and add just one minute a week to your jelq and introduce a new stretch, or maybe change something about what you do with the stretches you have in your routine. You can try doing the first three reps of each stretch bundled. This is not a drastic change and won’t add more stretches, just a different way of hitting what you are already doing.

Believe me when I say I understand your frustration. I used an extender-only routine (scared of more girth growth) for three months with few gains and alot of bad EQ and such. HOWEVER, there is hope! The guys above have given you solid info, and you just need to find the routine that works. There are so many different routines on TP that I”m sure you’ll find one that works for you.

Ie. It sounds like your routine is different than the one that worked for me. I used a modified Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gains Mechanism and it worked where other routines didn’t do anything at all. I believe that it worked because the exercise grouping hits all of the points for both length and girth. Also, it’s a two-a-day thing with one hot routine (shower) and one stretch session.

I’m a huge fan of the two-a-day split routine setup, and have been playing with some other things to do in the hot routine to decrease girth gain speed (I gain girth easily). I also find that I can put a good amount of tension on the stretch in my afternoon sesh after doing the routine for a while. Gains have been great in both dimensions.

Check it out! I would put a link, but I”m a posting newb and don’t know how to do such things!

Dedication is the key. Just like working out, you have to get it into a routine.

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the feedback. I do think I need to go back and review the basics on both jelqing and stretching. After that I am going to research the specific routines mentioned on this board and see if I can apply some of those techniques . Then I am going to change one thing at a time as mentioned in this thread as the best way to make changes and monitor results. This could mean another 6 months to see if any of the changes result in gains since it will take a little time to see if anything works.

I am going to go back to starting at 50% erect jelqing up to 90% as my first change. I like the split routine idea as well.

I expect to still get some gains and only after this will I look into some of the non-manual techniques. Thanks again and I will still come back and check in if anyone has anymore advice. Also if I find something that works I will share in this thread.

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