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Skin not big

Skin not big

Hi Everyone,

I started PE’ing this past January but my reasons for starting are different than most people here. I was looking to strengthen the skin on my penis not necessarily make it bigger or thicker. However if it did get bigger it was not like it was going to be bad thing. At the start, I was very skeptical that you can make your penis bigger. Maybe keep from losing size as you get older but not make it bigger than what your genes predisposed you to have. My starting stats were BPEL 7” with a girth of 5” on a 5’ 9” 178 pound 43 year old. End of July I was 7.5” BPEL with a girth of 5.5” 167.

First some background is needed to understand my situation and reasons to PE. My wife and I on average have sex at least twice a day during the week and the weekends vary more or less. I have been prone to cuts/tears or blister type of things on my penis from sex. Mostly it occurred with too many sex sessions in one or two consecutive days or when alcohol was involved. Over the past four years this has been exacerbated by my business travel. Our family relocated to another state since my wifes company made her an offer we couldn’t refuse. It has worked out great for family except my work is still from where we relocated. I am away from home a week to a month at a time. After being away for a week or more and get back home I usually get a tear or spot on my penis on the first or second day of fucking.

I got pissed off at this situation back in October/November of last year. My problem reared its ugly head again after a long business trip. I endeavored to find a solution to my problem and searched the web. I visited numerous sites then stumbled onto Thunders site. I read the Newbie routine and decided to start at the beginning of January since my next long trip away from home was expected. I decided to modify the newbie routine for my unique situation by doing only stretches no jelqing. Here is my progress/story month to month.

January: Went on a 24 day business trip. I did my stretching in the office early in the morning since I was the first one there by at least a couple of hours. The office space is small with my office being the furthest from the front door I could hear someone unlocking the door. I would warm up for 10 minutes of heat from this been filled type of thing used for your shoulders or back. After warm up I would lay a white towel on the floor used baby powder and stretched while sitting down left center and right 30 seconds each. Then 30 seconds up right center and left. I would then stand and stretch to the left straight out and then to the right. I would then do 30 windmills starting counter clock wise the first and last set with the middle set being clockwise. Most of my cuts/tears happen on the right side of my penis towards where I’m circumcised. I figured maybe my penis has a slight curve to the left.

Got back home and did plenty of fucking but got no damage. Good sign! My only concern was that the angle of my hard on king of tapered a little at the end than straight up.

February: No business trips and continued the stretching. I switched from “Johnsons baby power” to “Shower to Shower”. It felt better and I needed to use less powder. I had to take ten days off because of a family vacation. Wife and I still got the normal sex in and had no penis problems.

March: I had 2 ten day business trips with one at the beginning and the other at the end. I decide to start jelqing every other day on the first trip. This is really hard because I can’t maintain the erection needed. I can have porn on my laptop in the office but I’m afraid that someone might now walk in now without me hearing. Even with the use of porn it was just not doing it for me.

I get back home and the wife is on her period. I decide instead of us doing it before going to sleep and in the morning it would just be at night. It’s a win-win since the wife is not exactly happy about sex during her period. I morning jelq then stretch in the afternoon. I tried it the other way around but found to get the erection needed not up to par after stretching. I would do 300 total jelqs consisting of 50 starting at 80% then as I go limp would need to fluff a little then do another 50 until all were done. On a side note my kids gave me a video IPOD for Christmas which I thought would only be useful while on a plane to watch a movie. I would wear my old perfectly good RIO to the gym and hear all my music. What do kids know right? Well. I found a program to convert windows media porno so I could watch it on my IPOD.

April: Business trip mid month. While away on business I stay with family since they all live where we relocated from. Turns out my Mom and step dad will be out of the country this month (Whoo Hoo privacy at last). I continue my routine although it was kind of awkward buying KY oil by me and not with the wife. The wife and I have an arrangement of anal sex once a month and I’ve been using our anal KY supply for Jelqing. My dick is feeling bigger while jelqing and when waking up with that morning piss hard on. I have been married to my wife for 18 years now and early in our relationship (before kids) I put an empty paper towel roll on my penis. It went about a third of my penis down. I got one at the office and decide to save it. Next day with morning wood it would not go halfway down my penis. Ok this Thunders place is not full of shit you can maybe make your penis grow. I’m sorry I doubted!

May: I forgot to mention that I asked my wife at the beginning of March to do kegels. One of the ladies on this wonderful website has links and I read it somewhere. I was home almost all of this month and starting to notice something. The wife is having more vaginal than clitoral orgasms. She is a quick cummer. Normally she takes 1-3 minutes clitoral and vaginal about 3 to 6 at most but a lot less vaginal than clitoral. On a side note I do like going down on her because of the control it gives me to tease her and not let cum so quick. Also with my problem it gets her really wet. Oral is usually rare maybe 1 to 3 times a month because she does not feel “fresh”. I have found that a hot bath together and a bottle of Domanie Set. Michell (Red Label & she likes OJ in it) will do the trick. Only works for us on the weekend.

I have to preface this by saying we have 3 kids (20, 16 and 6). Wife and I have this conversation after having sex at the end the month:

Me: Hon, you seem to be cumming more from your pussy than your clit?
Wife: Yea those kegel exercises seem to be getting me to where I was before (daughter’s name) was born.
Me: What do you mean where you were before?
Wife: Well there’s a spot high up to the left, I think, that you hit and that’s what makes me cum.
Me: I new it was on the left but I thought the g-spot was lower like only 3 inches. Not deep or high up. I thought you didn’t like it deep.
Wife: You can go to deep if you put one or both of my legs up. When we do it regular (she has control of her legs) you hit a spot that makes me cum. You always have since the first day we did it. After (daughters name) since she was a vaginal birth it must have stretched me out and those exercises you told me about must be getting me to where I was.
Me: You mean I haven not been hitting a spot for six years and you didn’t tell me?
Wife: You can always make me cum. Its just that vaginal seemed to happen before I would get my period and just after. I’m sorry having a baby changes a womens body.

OK this post is a lot longer than what I was intending. I will finish it if anyone wants. Right now we are having bad storms in my area and my little girl is in the basement waiting for daddy. We usually sit and count from the lightning. I heard six seconds is a half mile.

Couldn’t get back in time to edit. Here is the rest my my post:

This is when wanting to increase my penis size really took hold of me. I hadn’t realized that I was falling short or missing a mark in satisfying my wife.

June & July: I switch to stretching everyday in the morning and jelging 2-3 nights a week. I basically have stopped doing all PE since the end of July. End of July I was 7.5” BPEL with a girth of 5.5” but sorry to say I have lost some of the length. I know 7 ¼ length but have kept the girth gains. There had been a substantial improvement in my sex life and I have not suffered from the cuts/tears on my penis to this date.

In closing I would just say that no one routine is written in stone. Modify it to fit your situation but the key is consistency. Even if you can only find time for 1 or 2 sets of stretching instead of 3 or you can only to 100 jelgs in a session it is still better in the long run than not ding anything. I also recommend when starting PE get those starting measurements but don’t measure again for 6 months.

Thanks again Thunder for the site and everyone that contributes information.

Nice post, and nice gains. I’m kind of wierded out about the idea of getting a wife, I’m only 19. It is unfathomable right now.

5/16/06 - BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 4.75"

Goal - 7.5"x5.5"

"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all."

Looks like you have a good family relationship.

Nice gains ;)

Whatcha want man watcha need,

Comes to you no stems and seeds.

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