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Skin is rough,abrasive,seems thinner

Skin is rough,seems thinner

So after a good workout my glans would at times shrivel up a bit and the skin seemed to sheen with a stretched thin look. The last few days in which I have noticed an increase in expansion during workouts, my entire shaft and glans feels like it is micro-abrasive/rough and has the stretched thin sheen look to it. Even with a day rest, it has taken on this new texture for the time being and I am wondering if anyone has dealt with this and has any kind of info at all. I mean yea it is good that I am breaking new barriers, but I am nervous with anything new. Even when masturbating without any PE the other day there was this weird abrasive texture(perhaps micro crinkles ha?).

I do not use a pump and wonder if this is something normal that pumpers may see with large expansion sets?

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

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Personally I don’t think the pumps are useful

I do not own a pump or use one because whenever I tried in the past it always gave me edema and at lower pressures seemed to be a waste of time.

This texture may be in response to having put baking soda on my groin the other day. I am reading about skin going “leathery” after a while from baking soda exposure. I use it in my armpits regularly as there is no better deodorant out there, but not usually on the crotch. I will be sure not to do this again and see if things return to normal, it honestly looks like it is stretched skin tho.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

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