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Stretching skin

Stretching skin

I reckon right now in my hanging career is that my tight skin on my dick is my mean obstacle.

Skin is supposed to be easily stretched but I have had tight skin from day dot.

I wish to ask you hangers out there particulary the guys who had alot of skin burn to start with if you have noticed any dramatic changes in you skin.

I am positive that I have a greater skin build up around the ridge of my glands then pre Bib Hanging.

Infact I can now when flacid roll my skin over my head but it only covers it about half way.

So please if you don’t mind could you inform me if your penis skin has come heaps looser from stretching.

I think I am getting skin stretch every time I get into BTC. I am going be wrapping back towards the base alittle for the next few weeks and trying to unlock my first limiting factor.

Probably the same limiting factor that most of you guys stretched in you first few weeks. I am still trying after 7 months.


tight skin...


Do you feel skin burning when you hang btc ??

I ask you that cause I just corrected my hanger attaching which was causing me skin burning. Perhaps its just an attaching problem.

I now sit on my balls to pull the skin back, then I wrap and tighten the hanger way behind. I just moved to this yesterday tough and I realized I wasn’t hanging from the shaft itself. My skin was taking most part of the weight. I had to slow down in weight and got a little sore which tells me I’m on my way.

Vets will chime in soon…

Brazilian chicks...

Are you experienced?


I do feel my skin burn in BTC. I have had alot of troubles getting used to the BIB. Started out with the regular than went to the startor.

With the regular I found it would produce a buzzing or stinging sensation down on my ridge. It was just to big for me.

The startor has been much better for me. Because the hanger size is smaller I have more freedom for attachment position along my length.

Now thinking about this for a awhile I have deliberately been placing the hanger more upwards towards the base lately. I reckon I was doing this so as not to get those bad feelings around my ridge.

I do have very tight skin. When I have an erection I am unable to draft my skin forward over my glands. This is one of the goals I will achieve.

However my skin burn I feel in BTC is no way the same as the first time I attached the BIB and did SD.

I realized last night that I don’t have to go into full BTC everytime I hang. I supported my back and did a slight BTC.

I am going to have to learn more about angles of hang to fully succeed.

I have seat on my balls aswell and wrapped and hung but I didn’t continue that method.

I still believe tight skin is my main issue.


I can testify that skin does indeed stretch easily. I underwent circumcision at age 30 and the surgeon took a litttle to much skin off. It basicaly left me almost one full inch short of my previous EL. In about two months I was back at my old length and note that I wasn’t doing any PE at the time! If the actual dick length is there, it’ll stretch out the skin from erections alone.

I think my skin is itching because its growing and stretching out if anyone give has experience this please enlighten me.

I feel the same, I’m not circumcised, so I feel everything just moves with the skin, and the skin is what is holding the weight.

I tried pulling the skin all the way back before wrapping, but then the weight will pull the skin over the head, and then everything will fall off. Then I tried doing with the skin pulled up, but I feel like, what’s being stretched is the skin and not my penis.

I’ve got skin stretch also over a long period of time. I have the same kind of skin roll over half my glans which I didn’t have to begin my hanging career. When I really gained extra skin was when I went into the hospital about 4 years ago for abdominal surgery. After I got out of the hospital I lost a great deal of flaccid hang and I had all this extra skin I didn’t have before I went in. What was really causing it was the new contraction of my flaccid state. That condition has never gone away although my flaccid hang has come back after resuming my hanging and ADS usage. ADS usage seems to accomplish more then hanging in and of itself although I’m sure both contribute.

When it comes to skin stretch, I really go to extra efforts to avoid any stinging sensation when I first begin my hanging sessions. What I do is wrap, apply my hanger (Bib) and before I tighten fully I pull the skin back towards my pelvis. This gives me very comfortable hanging without any stinging at all.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Dumb question.

Sorry for the dumb question here but I’ve been hitting this site daily ever since I joined for more than a month ago and I’ve looked in the glossary and did some searches but .. What is ADS?

ADS = All Day Session or System

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Actually, it means ‘all day stretcher’.

To all newbies, when you see an acronym you don’t know the meaning of, try sticking over it with the mouse pointer for a few seconds, an hint should appear.

Dumb question.answered Thanks

Thanks so much for the explanation. Thanks for the mouse tip. I’m usually on my Blackberry for this though so I don’t think the pointer thing works on it.

Great site, awesome community of guys (and a few gals), and an absolutely tremendous wealth of information and practical experience regarding PE. Thanks bros!

So I’m starting my Newbie Routine this month, wish me luck. Now to pop my PE cherry, here’s my stats posted for the first time:

Start (current): April 2012 BPEL 5.25” x EG 5”
First goal: 7”x5.5”
Long Term Goal: 8”x6”


It works

Monty & Marinera,

Actually that pointer hovering trick actually does work on my Blackberry after all. Thanks again sirs!

Start: April 2012 BPEL 5¼" x EG 4¾"----> July 2012 BPEL 5¾" x EG 4⅞"

First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

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