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Six months with no result

Six months with no result

Hello. I have been an increase penis six month. I can not increase my penis at length. I many heart about Dorsal Thickening. When I pull my penis, he very bad pull and I feel inside Тросс. I think,that it Dorsal Thickening. What exercises will help stretch it? I spent a lot of time and don’t grow at length, but grow at girth on 1.5 centimeters.

Sorry for my grammatical errors. I bad speak at ENG.language.

It is hard to tell anything without Your routine.

What I can tell You:
-for dorsal thickening there are some good exercises and it’s mainly fulcrum stretching/hanging. the first one is good for length in general so maybe try it.
-be consistent with Your routine,doesn’t matter if it’s extreme or light.
-if You are interested mainly in length, do more stretching/hanging.

1.5cm in girth is very good gain. I hope You will gain length as good as girth.

Hanging with heavy weight?? Or more main it duration hanging?? How you think about Hanging V-Stretch?

When beginning hanging start with light weight. Then gradually work up to heavier weights. Check out the hanging forum in whatever language you understand best and just gathe as much info as you can. Hanging v stretch should only be attempted when you’re much more experienced.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

What weight to hang at start? And what weight to hang maximum?! I don’t know about handing. Help me.

And what time ?

Gratis if you do indeed have the dorsal thickening/septum then you need to use heat. Heat is more important that using a very heavy weight. Read the second link in my signature for information on this! I suggest you do you best to read the whole thread from where the link will take you.

Thank you very much.

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