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6 months PE not a mm of growth


6 months PE not a mm of growth

So hello everyone. The first thread I’ve started. I am mainly a lurker and I even lurked some before I joined. I spend an outrageous amount of time reading threads on this forum and I’ve learned a ton.

So as the title states, I’m not seeing any growth whatsoever. A run down of my 6 months of PE: I started in mid September with the newbie routine. After about a month or so I moved up to about 250 jelqs and around 10 minutes manual stretching. At like 3 months I started using my extender I had bought before I found this place, and was doing 300 jelqs and 10 minutes of stretching, and stretching whenever I could throughout the day. I also tried clamping for maybe 2 weeks. I was very consistent with my main routine.

At about 4 months I had solid ZERO gain. So I started thinking it was smart to change what I was doing stretch-wise, which was BTC and straight down, sometimes straight out. I began stretching strictly straight up and all upper angles to focus on the tunica. Add to this, I discovered my LOT was at around 7:30 so I was even more sure the upper angles was where it’s at. I still stretched whenever I could, but started doing less jelqing. All the second half of this month I extended around 4 hours every day as well. I purchased a Bib hanger.

At 5 months, this January, I decided to start hanging OTS and whatever upper angles I could. I started with 3x15 minutes, went to 3x20, then 4x20, with 5 lbs., and after 3 weeks 7.5 lbs. I don’t really have time to hang, I lost sleep and life to hang that much. I also started clamping for real to begin the new year, 4x15 minutes, and every day with a couple days off here and there. At the end of the month no gains, and I gave up hanging and extending but stuck with clamping.

February. I stuck with clamping every day, maybe a day off a week. Still doing random stretches throughout the day and pulling extremely hard on my dick while doing SU, A-stretches and anything else to hit the tunica. End of the month.. NOTHING!!

So now here I am so discouraged and I feel angry and depressed. I am asking members who have had maybe a similar experience to give their input, or any one who thinks they can really help me figure out my problem. I just do not understand why I haven’t seen ANY growth. I was SURE my super strict 2 months of clamping 4x15 minutes would give me a some growth. But not a 1/16th of an inch girth. My dick is looking even smaller lately and on top of my already stressed self I am SO goddamn frustrated.

What the hell should I do? Decon break? Is there something I haven’t thought of? Thanks everyone for this AWESOME forum and opportunity to better myself.


I’ve been at it a year man. Haven’t gained a thing. Its outrageously depressing to spend that much time on something that yielded no results. If I had more experience I’d give my two cents, but I haven’t gained a thing either. Granted I never did the extreme stuff with hangers and clamps, but still. I feel you, haha. Not so funny I know.

How about your PI’s?

I think some units are tougher than others. I also have one of the tough ones. It’s very frustrating. But where there is a will there is a way. Someone needs to hurry the hell up and find that way.

Hmm.. I’d say if anything at all I get harder erections. Kegels really help more than anything with erections and I honestly would say my increased eq is from random kegels and edging while clamping.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

How is your sleep? Do you have a stressful life? Are doing physical training?

My sleep is always changing. I try to go for at least 7 hours. I am a stressed out person. I took anti depressants for a few months. I’m in the military so I do a pretty good amount of physical training, mostly running.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

Ok, that’s the problem: stress and bad sleep. I think you also have a very elastic TA. Take two weeks off, and measure two times a week: maybe your penis had no possibilities to recover from the hard work, so it can happen that in this span of time you get a spurt of growth.

If this doesn’t happens, my advice would be starting using only the extender, at least 3 hours daily: you have to start at a tension that can extend your penis at about 90% of EL, so you can maximize the time of wearing; add 1/5” extension every 50 hours of total wearing the device.

At the same time, you should do two-three sessions weekly of jelqing - try a kind you have nover done before, in example dry-jelq if you always have done wet jelqs.

Measure once a month, and try sleeping the more you can, stay relaxed, try avoiding stress and try cutting anti-depressants (if you can, of course).

You should start seeing a bit of EL gains after not less than 300 hours, so don’t worry if nothing seems to happens.

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Thank you Marinera. I will definitely do that. I’m gonna TRY not to PE at all for two weeks. Then I’ll start extending and jelqing as you said.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

Your sure you have been consistent?? Maybe you didn’t measure properly?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’ve been definitely consistent on everything I’ve tried. At first I measured nbpel, and I realized I should measure bpel to truly see if I was making gains.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

Same for me. I think PE only works for some people.

Starting/Present: 7.0 NBPEL x 5.5 EG

4/1/07 - 7.0 NBPEL x 5.7 EG - Pic: Chief dantes pics

Settle For: 8.5 NPEL x 6.5 EG

That thought has occurred to me a lot. But it’s so hard for me to believe that something that works for so many people, can’t work for me. I believe there is a way to make gains through PE, but for someone like me, it seems there has to be more thought put into the routines.

I Know there has to be some way for people like me to gain. It seems so damn simple to me. Even gains from the tunica. I just don’t understand how my dick could not have grown from all the stress and pulling and stretching I’ve put it through.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

It sounds like you went up too quickly on the number of jelqs in the beginning, and with all the extender work you added, your dick never recovered. In my personal experience, I over-train easily if I stretch more than 10 or 15 minutes and jelq. You might want to try just jelqing for 10 minutes (morning and evening) for two weeks, then increasing to 12-15 minutes (morning and evening) for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been taking advantage of great morning wood to do a 15 minute jelq session right when I wake up, with no stretching. I’ll bet it will get you gaining.

Good luck man, I hope you find the right formula.

Stressed out dudes tend to grip to hard.

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