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simple yes or no question.

simple yes or no question.

Can I dry jelq with an overhand OK grip and straight out INSTEAD of with an under hand OK grip and dry jelqing upwards?

I find this to be easier for myself yet the DJ video shows the guy using an underhand grip.

a simple yes or no answer will do just fine.


Yes it’s fine obviously.

anyone disagree…?

There should be no problem doing it this way. so, yes.

Do whatever makes it easier and more comfortable for you. That way, you’ll probably stick with it.

Originally Posted by GatorLandon
Do whatever makes it easier and more comfortable for you. That way, you’ll probably stick with it.

+1 that. Consistency really is key. Jelqing is all about moving blood so direction is usually not an issue; the blood always ends up at the head in the end anyway.

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I do it both ways. I like the overhand grip because I can grab much closer to the base.

Starting size 6.5 x 5.5

3 Months into PE 7.25 x 5.5

There is no iron rule so the answer is do it the way most convenient for you

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With the overhand ok, or pinch grip, I feel like I can grab further back towards my base. If I do see girth gains I want my penis to stay equal down the shaft. I’m not looking to create a baseball bat effect.

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