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Just a few simple question.

Just a few simple question.

I haven’t done PE in awhile and recently decided to jump back into it. I started a regular full body workout routine and started taking creatine and protein shakes to improve my results. I was just wondering if this would have any effect on my PE results. I would have done a search but only had a few minutes on the computer so I figured I could read up on this next time I get a chance to come online. I’m also looking for some ways to keep me motivated with PE. My regular workout I saw some results within the first month, but with PE my results don’t seem to show as fast and I just give up. Any tips from you guys on what you did to make you keep doing this program would help me out a lot. Last but not least I find it really hard not to be shy around the ladies. I know that size isn’t everything but to me it’s a great confidence booster. Any help?

Current: BPEL 4.6" EG 4.1"

Short term goal: BPEL 5.5" EG 5"

Final goal: BPEL 6-7.5" EG 6"

I take protein and creatine and don’t think it will make your dick bigger. However, I do think improving your overall health and body image will help with PE, body image and sexual health.

Good luck on your gains and the move, it’s a big step.

I actually think that protein and creatine could help with your gains. At least protein.

Protein I would see making your loads bigger, where as I believe creatine has large quantities of L-arginine, which increases vascular function, which could in turn lead to better erection quality and possibly easier cemented gains as it would be more likely to keep you in an extended state. Not sure if this is true, but thats whats going on in my head :S

one month in (as of 02/12/09): 8.15" BPEL, 7.4" NBPEL, 5.6"EG, (5"-6.5" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 190 lbs.

Currently (as of 04/3/09): 8.50" BPEL, 7.6" NBPEL, 5.7"EG, (5.5"-7" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 175 lbs. (final semester of Computer Science > Gym :( )

Goals (in the next 6 months): 8.60" BPEL, 7.8" NBPEL, 6" EG, 7" FL, 5" FG, (still hopefully 6'1"), Weight: 200 lbs.

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