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Simple stretch

Simple stretch

Hey. I have just found this site and I checked some techniques etc and everything looks great. I downloaded a video of this manual stretch in which the man stretched the penis to left, right, downwards and upwards etc. And a newbie routine suggested to make the simple stretch for 5 mins (ten 30 sec. Stretches). Now should I stretch my penis to all directions (like 1 downwards, 1 upwards, 1 left 1 right 1 front etc) or what does this “ten 30 sec. Stretches” mean? I mean would it be enough if I just stretched my penis to forward for ten times? Or are all directions necessary? I m a newbie so I don’t know much about this.. Sorry. Thanks for the great site.

I do 30 sec straight out, up, down, down left, down right, rest and then repeat.

Thanks. What I wonder more is that the routine says to gradually make 10 min stretch sessions in 6 weeks. But should I do 20 30 sec stretches for example, or first ten 45 sec stretches then after some weeks ten 60 sec stretches etc? I mean how to use those 10 minutes? And last thing, I aim for length for now and should I still jelq?

You can jelq but people who jelq, jelq because they want GIRTH. Manual stretching should give you the length soon enough, it just takes time and commitment. Just because a video said something doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it (unless life threatening). Just do it hard and long enough in which you are comfortable with and when you think your penis can handle a bit more/longer stretching periods, then continue. Good Luck.

Try to feel what your penis is doing. You will know when you have ‘exhaused’ a stretch and it is time to move onto the next stretch. Remember to try to relax into the stretches. You should definitely work all directions.

Many people who have only jelqed have gained length as well as girth. There are many reasons why jelqing can help length gains as well as girth; I won’t go into them here.

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I should try and find out what s best for me. I m a total newbie so it really helped that you guys answered my questions. Happy PE everyone.

nutcracker, just listen to your dick. It will tell you when you’ve worked it too hard. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t hurt. If it does, then you’re overdoing it. Mild discomfort and soreness are common.

If you’ve overdone it you will feel for sure.. Just listen to the signals of your body.

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