Modified Stretch that helps my unit grows

Mine has grown BPEL 0.5”, and I modify little bit my stretching style:

Modified BTC (5 min each):
Right-Backward Stretch:
Use your right hand to grab from behind, move your sack to left so you can pull your unit between your sack and thigh, do squat once to stretch more, and hold it there. Raise your left leg so it will be about 45 degree, it will stretch the lig even more. While you hold the stretch, do squat once a while to get further stretch, deep inhale hold 2-3 seconds, kegel, it will help even further stretch lig.
Left-Backward Strech is the opposite of Right-Bakckward Stretch.

Modified Right Stretch (3 min each):
Use your right hand to grab your unit and stretch to the right (slightly upper-right), hold it there then raise your left leg to left side, it helps further stretch. Put your left hand under your arm-pit to reduce the tiredness of your right hand while stretching.
LeftStretch is the opposite of RightStretch.

I also found it will help newbies having problems with untrained fingers to hold the stretch, since you don’t need to grab too tight but use the opposite leg to extend the stretch further.

Best do the stretch under hot shower, I believe it relax your lig, soften tunicae and better blood flow, makes the stretch more effective.