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flacid stretch..

flacid stretch..

When I stretch my flaccid penis it doesn’t stretch any longer than it already is. It shrinks and grows like normal, just whatever size it is, it wont stretch any larger. When i do try to stretch it out, the top of my penis is tight. I think this is my problem. When I fell it the side of my penis and the bottom aren’t getting any stretch at all, but the top is tight. When stretch I can feel the part that is taking all the force and it KINDA feels like the cartilage on the tip of you nose. Is this my ligs? I’m not really sure, it goes all the way up to my head and i thought that the ligs only connect at the base. If anyone could help tell me what I could do to make these stretch out longer. I know it will most likely be stretching. Also I have an upwards curve and I think that this is what causes it. I like my curve though, just think they are related.

It sounds like you’re doing things correctly. Manual stretching exercises don’t actually make the penis stretch out as if it were made of rubber. They put stress on the ligaments and tunica (if you grip tight enough) and cause them to elongate slowly over time. A tight feeling on the top is normal. You are correct and that is where the suspensory ligament attaches. The things you feel all the way to the head are the empty eretile tissues (the corpora cavernosum - CC). They are surrounded by the tough tunica and that makes it easy for you to feel them when you are flaccid.

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