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Shift work results?

Shift work results?

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to PE. I’ve researched it for a couple of years now and finally have started the newbie routine. I’m on week 3 and I’ve already seen improvements, my penis is much more vascular and even my wife has commented that it looks bigger and feels even better, so a win-win all round :) Definitely sound advice to start slow and steady and focus on quality rather. The workload can seem deceiving at times but growth does come.

But I do have a question. I work shift work, the type that has me working 4 nights on then 4 days off. It is so much easier to perform my PE at work than at home, with the stress of everyday life and spending time with my wife and parents, can I not just do my PE like I work my shifts, 4 on and 4 off? As the workload increases I become ever more mindful of how long I spend stretching and jelqing in the gym shower cubicle.


Fours days off is a long time. Two days off is much more reasonable.

The thing is you are getting positive indicators right now, doing it this way. So, I would suggest that you try it that way and review it after a month. Eventually 4 days off might not work out as well, even if it does work for you initially, so it will be important to monitor well and adapt.

Some people might suggest doing minimal PE on the days off: piss pulls, a little bit of jelqing etc. I think you should probably avoid this, so that you can gauge the effectiveness of taking four days off.

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Thank you Sir.

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