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Do any of you guys shave your pubic hairs? I know they can get in the way when jelqing.

I do. It makes jelqing easier. If you want to know how to shave, you should do a search. You should get a lot of threads about it.

Yes, I did. I thought it’s better to do jelq.

Go to Advanced Search.

Type in: shave*

Choose: Search Titles Only


Yes. Looks better and feels more comfortable.

I had to shave my hairs from the start as I kept pulling them out when I was jelqing. I have quite a few hairs at the base of my penis.

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I’ve been shaving the old ball sack for a little over a year now and I also include the bottom portion of the shaft. Whenever I get a chance, I pluck the top of my shaft to around half an inch into my fat pad.

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I’ve shaved for several years. The wife says it looks better shaved, not to mention bigger.

Yes, I’ve been shaving for a number of years. Looks neater and feels a lot better. I just wish I cold get my wife to follow suit!

Try searching on tweezing. More more comfortable and no stubble in a few days. Painful in the beginning, but with maintenance much better than shaving.

Just my two cents.

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Do you guys not get irritation when the hairs grow back? I tried it once and boy was I in pain - looked like a plucked turkey down there!

Mild irritation only happens for 1 day for me otherwise it’s usually fine.

Shave the direction of the hair growth and not against it for the right kind of shave, or else pluck as others have recommended. It’s certainly better than keeping any hair down there I think.

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Another option is get a electric shaver. It trims the hair very short, (almost smooth like your beard) and won’t cause the irritation. Just be careful not to nick yourself when you shorten the hairs to the point to where the shaver will work.

I use Nair. I know it sounds crazy. Don’t and I mean DON”T get that shit on your nuts. The first time I used it I got some bad bumps. But after that first time its smooth sailing. Shaving gives me razor burn and way more bumps and rash. I Nair cause I’m one crazy motherfucker.

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