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Alright this doesn’t actually have to do with enlarging the penis itself but it is related, and I couldn’t think of any other forums to post this in. In many of the articles and programs i read about PE, they say to trim the pubic hair and shave some of the surrounding areas. Not only does this make the penis look somewhat larger but it also makes everything look cleaner and basically nicer. Anyway, I was wondering how to go about this without leaving red bumps like razor burn or ingrown hairs. I’ve tried using straight razors, electric razors, Nair hair remover, and all kinds of stuff. If shaving, I always use shaving cream and put on lotion or after shave type stuff when I’m done. It looks great after it’s done, but the next day I have red bumps where I shaved. Does anybody out there that does shave some have any suggestions? I know if it works for women it has to work for guys too. Thanks

Shave with the hair not against it. I only shave my shaft, I use an electric buzzer to trim the rest down to a reasonable level.

I don’t shave. But I trim real close with a beard trimmer. This works great and you don’t get the itch or irritating stubble.

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Well Walla Walla, over here on the west side of the state I shave every morning in the shower with a disposable razor. I spend a few minutes doing something else — washing my hair…jelqing — and then shave, sometimes with soap to soften things up even more.

I sometimes massage jojoba oil into where I’ve shaved to reduce irritation.

The danger of shaving in the shower is having your female significant other use the same razor to shave her legs. That can dull a razor pretty quick. Women have a lot more acreage on their legs than men have — just shaving our faces and few pubes.

HI GUY: I always take hot shower, trim close with beard trimmer and use shaving cream, but shave with safety razor with or going in direction of hair, I finish , put hot wash cloth on area few mins ,use after shave, OLD SPICE, finish with unscented lotion . pubic area close but not slick , penis slick . usually no problem . Good Luck

I have been shaving longer then I have been PE’ing and I have yet to suffer from an ingrown hair or razor rash. I discovered the novelty of shaving while surfing one day. From the info I read they recommended shaving with the grain (up the shaft) using shaving cream and immediately afterwards rubbing the area either with your fingers or a washcloth in a circular motion. The theory was that pubic hair tends to be naturally curly and when it’s shaved down close to the surface the natural curve of the new stubble combined with the now sharp head of the hair will irritate the surrounding skin. Messaging the area helps to soften the hair and prevent it from digging into the skin. I’ve taken it one step further and incorporated body oil into the message and since I’m typically doing this in the shower after a workout I message everything.

I believe shaving can play a good part in PE since a ten inch penis can be useless visually if its surrounded by four inch long pubes. It can play an even bigger role when first starting out.

Also, do many of your g/f’s wives shave as well? Mine does. Huge turn on both in performing the act and everything that cums after!!!:bigwink:

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I started shaving long before I started PE. It always felt clean and crisp. I shave my shaft at the same time I shave my face. Being Italian and hairy I watch the hair thing closely. Little baby oil lightly worked in does’t hurt when you knock of another couple 100 dry jelqs during the day…

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I’ve never had a problem with razor bumps or irritation. I’m always well lubed, like during a shower. That is tremendously important. Depending on how much hair you have, it may not be necessary to shave too frequently. I personally shave maybe once a week, and this is enough to keep things clean and trim. I will never go back to letting it grow out. Much more hygienic (I don’t think I spelled that correctly) and better feel as well. Definitely use some sort of cream or lotion. Your lady will love it. If you don’t have one, then the next one your with will still love it. If you wanna take it a step further, then you can shave your ass while your at it. I do that as well (I’m not homosexual, but a lot of people think you are if you do either) and it really keeps things clean and smooth.

It’s especially fun when you get an ingrown hair that turns into a pimple, then you think you got a disease.

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I get ingrown hairs and stuff because of the lube i use to jelq! They are mostly near the base of my shaft and i HATE THEM!! They look soo ugly.. :(

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Ask your girl/partner how much she likes stubble in that area. Not very fond of it is she?

I’m getting electrolysis to kill the hairs permanently. No more ingrowns or razor rash and super smooth hopefully.

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