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Ok, this has nothing to do with PE (or even shaving your balls) but I have a question about shaving (face).

I hate shaving, who likes it? Anyway, two questions:

1. Shaving with the grain does me no good, I have to do it against the grain to see any real results. Shaving with the grain has worked for like the last 10 years but now I need to do it against the grain to have a smooth shave. My question is, is this ok? And is there any other way to get a close shave?

Second, more important question..

2. After I shave (and when it’s a smooth clean shave) I still look like I have a 5-oclock shadow even though my skin feels smooth. I hate looking like I haven’t shaved even though I have. The area where I shave is now darker because of shaving so it looks like the hairs (or shadow) is still there. Is there anyway to make this dissappear?

Thanks Guys, Grow those long dongs!I know I Will!

A few things which may help:

Heating up the face before, or using heated shaving cream makes the hairs come out away from the face more, and softens them up for elimination.

Also, Shave with the grain first, then against the grain after. Try Schick Quattro razors. 4 blades will help your cause. You could also try shaving first with an electric razor, and following that up with a straight blade and cream.

Shaving against the grain is okay.

Trying showering before shaving. Stretch the skin being shaved to make the hairs stand up more.

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1. Yup, that’s the only way I can get a good shave as well. First I go with the grain, then against it.

2. There are plenty of guys who always have that stubbly look. It just goes with a swarthy, hairy complexion — lots of Italian and Portuguese men I know have this problem.

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