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Magic shaving powder

Magic shaving powder

ok, I just got the stuff and I LOVE it. I know it should last about a week. But dose it make the hair thin out? I have been shaving my shaft and balls for 5 years and I haven’t been this smooth since I was 11 years old. I have tryed waxing but my stubs were too fat. I want to use nads or some thing that will stop the hair from growing back. That is why im using magic. Hopefully it will thin out my hair so I can use nads or some other product. Any input on this whould be great! Thanks alot.


I’m not sure if your specific question has been addressed before, but you can find out what has been written here about hair removal by using the search feature. The search button is in the upper right corner. Submitting “magic powder” turns up several threads you’d probably like to read.

My experience with it, and I love it too, is that it makes the hair brittle and allows it to be scraped away at or just below the skin line. It doesn’t do anything to the hair growing below the skin, so when it finally grows out it’s the same thickness as before.

Watch out though when scraping the hair away. I usually use a butter knife, but last time I scraped too hard and was irritated for more than a week. Bad for PE

I can never get this stuff to work for some reason, what is up???

Magic types

Magic Shaving powder comes in four varieties: blue, red, gold, and platinum (named for the container color). The platinum has skin conditioners and seems to be the mildest (it’s the one I use). Perhaps you need to try one of the stronger formulas. Or, you might give it an extra minute or two over the recommended seven minutes and see if that works.

I found the ready mixed product (cream in a tube as opposed to powder in a can) to be stronger. The stuff is inexpensive enough that you might try a few of the other types to see if they will work on your (apparently) tough hair.

It’s far easier than shaving and for PE work it’s great, IMO.

Shave powders/creams at

I bought a blue can of this powder and tried it out. It seems to work pretty well but the first time I tried it started to burn a little and I paniced. Scraped it off before it was done I think. If I had left it on for about another minute I probably would have had very smooth skin. Im going to try again to get off the little remnants of hair in a bit.

Westla - Where did you find that ready made cream? I think I would rather use it over this powder.

I think I bought it at a Rite-Aid drug store. The link in my previous post seems to go somewhere new now. Here is a new link to Walgreen’s web site. The cream is (currently) the sixth item in the list.

Hey, thanks for the new link Westla.

Originally posted by Stoli
..Im going to try again to get off the little remnants of hair in a bit.. ARRRRGH!

Back of Can
” If hair remains, wait 24 hours before next Magic Smooth application.”

Note to self: Adhere to instructions.

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