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Hey just wondering if any1 else shaves. I shave and I find my dick looks at least 1/2 to 1inch bigger.

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Lots of posts here about shaving.

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Who doesn’t shave? :)

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I just trim down my pubes kinda short with the trimmer. Then Pluck the shaft hairs with a tweezer, I can’t stand razor stubble. The tweezing is not as bad as it sounds. Not too bad, I do like 10 or 12 at one sitting, do more latter. For the most part I get a hard-on to do the base hairs, just so I can know where the base is. By the end of the day it is done. Does not hurt, an eyebrow hurts worse.

Like Lamp says, lots of threads about shaving!

Tweezing sounds painful.

As for myself I keep everything short.

I shave, but that’s more so the ballzinger will make better contact, and so hairs don’t get pulled during sex.

Otherwise, for me there’s no real need - my pubic hair is so blonde it’s nearly transparent. Not a whole lot of hair to begin with, either.

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Guys! I have dark brown curly hair(head and below). I jokingly suggested to my girlfriend that I get everything down there completely clean shaved, porno style. And, well, no she wants everything down there clean shaved porno style (: .

She will be here in a week, and I don’t want any rash or bumps ect..

My dad(he doesn’t have to know:) ) has an electric shaver(the kind with the two cylinder foils), which has a trimmer attached; should I use this? I also have hair clippers/shavers. I could use a Gillette also I guess. What would you guys recommend?

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I’ve had excellent results with the Gillette Mach3, which has three blades in a cartridge configuration. It’s the best I have found for shaving my ballsac.

Although it’s a safety razor, it has a AAA battery inside the handle which causes the razor to vibrate slightly when it’s turned on. I have never cut myself with this razor, as was the case with a few I’ve used before.


I bought a Norelco Bodygroomer on line for less than $20. It is intended for this type of grooming - very smooth and can be used in the shower.

I just don’t see how you can get use to the stubs.

I have shaved bald eagle down there twice and both times, I suffered horribly for weeks! I ask girls and they say, your body gets use to it, but for weeks it itches and hurts.

I recently just shaved my nuts and it still gives me some discomfort. Not as much as shaving everything down there!

Don’t do it man-of-10!!

Unless someone can tell me how they handle it?

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Shave with a high quality razor (what brand you like, just not a cheap ass disposable one) and shaving cream? Moisturize after if you’re into that (I am) and do it frequently. Does the stubble on your face not bother you? No, because you shave it off frequently. Same thing on your junk.

I actually stopped shaving my face because of the cost of razor blades but I still shave my unit. So much hair down there is just annoying and gross and sweaty and blah!

I shaved it clean once but I’ll never do it again for 2 reasons:

1. It hurt like a bitch for days and days afterwards
2. It honestly looked like hell because I have hair on my legs. Hair all the way up your legs and then BALDNESS around your dick. Looked bad!

Now, I just keep it trimmed really short and shave the balls with a Gillette Fusion and then put moisturizer on it daily.

Damn, yeah I have hair on my legs too, all the way up (: . I found this hair removal cream on eBay; it looks promising:….e=STRK:MEWAX:IT

I read the feedback and it’s almost all good. They are also listed as a top seller. Certainly if that worked, it would be much better than shaving right?

About hair on the legs, I wonder if there is a way I could taper is off to make it look natural:-k .

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Current:-------->7.7" BPEL x 5.7" MSEG (7.2" NBPEL)

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I use regular nair hair remover from Walgreen’s and Walmart. It’s a hair remover for legs in the woman section.

Works great. Don’t leave it on more then 7 minutes or you will take off the skin. Don’t use it the same day your girlfriend is coming. Use it two days before. Or the day before. I usually take everything off but a little mustache on top lol

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