Scuncie Golf weights info

Since I am currently using both just to see how it feels for 2 days before I go back to my newbie routine, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

What is noticeable is that when I used to wrap poorly and hang, I could only reach a flaccid length of roughly 5.5 inches, but now with the scrunchy and then applying the same weights(2 golf weights) I’m pushing 6.5 inches flaccid length(with both on)

It’s great. Gives me great feelings about how big things are gonna get.

21/03/06: BPFSL 7, BPEL 7.2 , EG 5 GOALS: BPFSL 9x6.5 or death

Current: 6.5 NBPEL Goals: May 30: 7.2 NBPEL

My Progress and Routine