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Routine questions? How often should I jelq?

Routine questions? How often should I jelq?

I have questions about my work out routine. I’m involved in a bodybuilding/ weight training regimen, I take multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin c, whey protein powder, and high protein diet. I take a shake right after my workout, then I hit the showers to jelq. Question I have is how often should I jelq? My goals are to gain 2 inches in length and 1.3 inches in girth. And another question I have is how many days per week should I jelq, should I take a day or 2 off to recover and how long will it take me to achieve my goal of 2 inches in length and 1.3 inches in girth and finally what should my routine look like. Thanks.
Current stats BPEL: 8”
Flaccid: 5.25”
Girth 5”

BPEL: 10”
Flaccid: 6” or 7”
Erect girth: 6.28 about 2” diameter - good enough to get the job done.


every free minute

My routine is this: In the shower I start out stretching 5 minutes, I stretch to the left, right, up, down, for 20-30 seconds each, then kegel tugs, then the part where I stretch my ball sack, bundled.

For jelqing I do this: I jelq to the left with my right hand 100 x’s then to the right with my left hand 100 x’s, then up wards 100 x’s then downwards switching hands 100 x’s (50 x’s left and 50 x’s right) then I do this “digging jelq” where I try to reach the inside of my penis from the base I do that 100 x’s to try to lengthen my “inner penis” Then I do a few Uli’s and erect jelq’s and squeezes where I do a Uli and then squeeze the head of my penis: I do all that for about 10 minutes then I finish my shower.

Ask 10 guys and you can get 10 different answers. Every combination of days on and off have been tried including jelqing everyday, 5 on 2 off, 4 on 2 off, 4 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off, all the way down to every other day. And I have tried just about all of those combinations.

The only way to find out what works best for you is to pick a schedule that fits your lifestyle and hope it also works as a good gaining routine. If not, pick another schedule.

Right now I am working on an every other day schedule and getting very good results. The funning thing is that several years ago I condemned every other day as the worst possible schedule and now I think it might be one of the best! Just goes to show how things change once you actually put them to the test instead of just theorizing about them.

You are just going to have to try various combinations and see what works best for you. Everyone is different.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Have you made any significant gains and how long did it take?

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