Different kind of jelq routine.

I don’t know if this is new. I’ve been reading about allot of different types of jelqing and this is some kind of combo between jelq styles. I always have problem with keeping an erection when I jelq so I started doing this instead:

After my warm up and some stretching under hot running water I get an erection at high % level and start jelqing. I start at maybe 80 % sometimes even 100 %. It drops down fast to maybe 40-60 %, maybe less. That level of erection I can keep a while with help from kegels. But when it drops even more I start stretching my unit when I jelq.
I grip it hard so I get a really tight grip and I dig in dip so I feel the ligaments, when I jelq out I feel my ligaments, almost like I’m massaging them. I keep the tight grip so it’s like I’m pulling my dick when I jelq it and when I reach the glans I pull some more to get a stretch.
The penis is still engorged from all the blood I worked in to it when jelqing at higher erection level. When I feel there is no expansion left I work up an erection again and start over. This routine feels very nice and I get a really nice big flaccid afterwards. It’s a combination between expansion from jelqing and stretching and pulling the ligaments and kegel work out. The kegels must be done before each jelq, even when doing the stretch jelqs.
When I start over and get down to the low erection jelqing and stretch jelqing the second time it feels like my penis has gotten a really nice work out and the temporary gains are great. It’s like the stretch jelqs enables more blood to enter when I get an erection again so the expansion gets better and better every time I start over.
I’m not sure about % of erection but I start at high erection level and as it drop I start moving more to stretch jelqs starting deep in at my ligaments. It’s easier to get in and feel and grip the ligaments at lower erection levels.
Sometimes I throw in some behind the balls jelqing to work more blood out to the penis.

This is a jelqing routine I like allot. I get a nice hanging flaccid from it. I do them in the shower so I often end it with regular manual stretching under hot water or just end it with hot water running on my unit. I think the expansion and temporary gains stays longer when I do that. The hot water keeps it from turtling.

Go ahead and try it. Tell me if it feels like a good workout.