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Routine Question

Routine Question

Recently I increaesed the jelqing time to 30 mins, but I was wondering, since I’m mainly trying to gain length, if that would be counter productive, I’m doing 30 mins Jelqs and then 30 mins of various manual streching as a routine, should I do less jelqing?

Jelqing isn’t counter productive to gaining length. Now you might get differing opinions on which order to the stretches and jelqs.

I think the general consensus is that if you have a higher LOT, then stretching more, and at lower angles (SD, BTC) is more effective for length, but should be done in conjunction with some minimal amount of jelqing. I think that jelqing is very effective at making the tunica more malleable, but also conditions the rest of the penis (aside from ligs and tunica) to make stretching and hanging more effective.

Never leave out jelqing IMO, it keeps your unit in tip top condition even if you don’t do it enough to gain from it. You could try doing a little more stretching than jelqing if you want, but don’t increase the overall duration of your routine. Also be sure to make the changes gradually and observe how your dick reacts.

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