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Please critique my routine and help me with a stretching question

Please critique my routine and help me with a stretching question

Hey there again, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have decided to take the advice of several members here and add some serious stretching to my routine—something that I have been very non-chalant about. FWIW, I have 9 weeks of PE newbie routine under my belt and am now taking things up a notch. Here is what I have started this week:

A return to dry jelqing—-Rest days are just taken whenever I feel like I need it. If I feel ok, it’s go-time.

AM-20 minutes of dry jelq. I use a stroke in which I jelq the base for 25 reps, then jelq the rest of the shaft for 25. I do several “sets” of this. I also top off the workout with 5 Uli’s and maybe a couple of minutes of stretching.

PM-in the shower I’ll do what are called “v-jelqs” where I grasp my rod in between my middle/ring fingers and jelq in an upward scooping motion. I do 50 reps. Left/right hand=1 rep. I’ll also do 5 more Uli.

During the day, at bathroom breaks, I’ll do a couple of 30 second stretches—upward and/or straight out.

1.My question is how would you recommend me adding the right amount of manual stretching?

2. Maybe drop the jelqing time to two 10 minute session (am/pm) and add some stretching before each jelq session?

3. What would be a good minimum time of manual stretching/jelquing that I should aim for? For example ten 30 second stretches throughout the day? Or must they be done all at one sitting?

4. Or just stretch like a madman any chance I get?

Thanks in advance for the help. I WILL get my 1.5” x 1” gains!

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Hey raw,

I don’t think I would cut my jelqing time. If I were you, I would add some stretching time after my PM shower. Make sure everything is adequately warmed before shutting off the water, then stretch for ten minutes or so. Up, down, left, right, straight out for one minute each and then repeat. As you progress you can either add more “cycles” or do a second session of them in the am. Seeing that you have about two months under your belt I don’t think this would be overdoing it. Hope that helps. Good luck to you.



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