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Reverse progress is possible

Reverse progress is possible

Okay so I have come upon this thought a few times now. Leaving it unanswered has really really started to frustrate me because if the answer to this question is yes then wow.

Is it possible to lose length/girth from the size you originally started with by any means?

I was reading a new thread; Can lower erection jelqing give you girth.

So in that last post by kingpole which might not be last forever (the 7th post) he says it’s possible to lose size. I’m not that huge (Haven’t sized my “member” yet but I think it’s about 5” EL and EG I have no clue how to even measure that) but I cannot jelq at 40-50% ever. For me it is just not possible. Usually my wood percentage is higher up towards max and sometimes it hits max and I keep jelqing, not max max like the rare maximum where as your dick seems larger than ever before for some reason. Not that kind of special max. Maximum as in I cannot get harder I think. And I Jelq anyway, so can I lose size this way? I hope not. I need length AND girth and I’ve come to understand that the higher the erect percentage the more girth gains are stressed upon and less length wise. So today I finished my Newbie Routine for the day and tomorrow is my day off. I’ve done my first week 2on/1off. Started out 1 day skipped the next and then 2days/1day for the rest of the week concluding 5days on/2days off. I am proud of myself but I won’t be as proud if I find out I am working myself incorrectly. I have not experienced loss of wood in the mornings and I have felt hornier for some reason.. Except last week I jelqed too hard and then I masturbated too hard and I hurt my penis a bit like a jackass.. But I waited for a week or so for the weird pain inside my Glans to go away to continue progress. And so far so good. Enlighten me people please!

I think severe trauma or tissue damage can affect your erect size negatively. That is why rest days are recommended when you suffer loss of erections and turtling.

I experienced a significant loss in size once when I got an infection from excessive pumping. I had to take several weeks off to fight off the infection and heal. During that time I could barely get an erection, and if I did it was pathetic and puny. I was scared for a while.
Eventually I got back to normal, and it seemed that I had actually increased a bit in size from my original size. As it was, in time with more careful and regular workouts, I did register some measurable gains.

Well congrats on the gains. I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to measure my penis. Length and girth.

Fourtyone: there are lots of threads on measureing. Check out Post #6 of this one in particular:
How to measure


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KingPole is my Sensei - Goal: Just a little bit more - Progress/Routine - My Pictures - Perfect Measuring Technique

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