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Returning to routine after 2 week break

Returning to routine after 2 week break

I took about a two week break from the newbie routine. I had worked my way up to 30 minutes jelq and 10 minutes stretch. Should I jump back into it at those numbers? I was thinking it would be a safer bet to start at 20 min jelq and 7 min stretch and work my way back up. Would it be safer to restart the newbie routine?

Also I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about two months and have noticed little to no gain. I keep thinking I’m shrinking but my PIs are all good. Any thoughts on that? I haven’t been able to measure and I’m sure my mind is playing tricks.

I wasn’t as dedicated toward the approaching my break for I had been subletting a place w little privacy. I may have worked my was up to 30 min jelq and 10 min stretch too quickly (toward the end I would add 2 min jelq start of every new cycle and 1 min stretch until I hit the 30/10 mark)

When I was ‘in’ it I did noticed a slight change. I think because I started fading toward the end and now with the break no changes came quickly.

And is 30 minutes if jelq too much?

I will also mention that before the break I would assume the frequency of my work outs would be similar to someone cementing their gains-one to three times a week.

I’m in my 3rd month and still only at 10 minutes of stretching and jelqing. I would cut back a bit and gradually go back up or you could start out at 10 minutes and increase the intensity of your stretches.

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10 min of stretching as well as jelqing? I may be at that slight over training point where PIs are still good but no gains are being made.

Maybe 15 jelq and 10 stretch. I usually alternate stretches too. 2 on ligs and 1 on tunica just doing downward and upward manual stretches. When jelqing I throw in some downward jelqing and to the sides to add to lig/length. Anyone think since I do that while jelqing I should stretch them less during my stretch session and focus more on tunica?

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