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Routine development first week questions

Routine development first week questions


Well after measuring correctly for the first time with my new “zeroed” ruler, I discovered it’s not as short as I thought it was and I actually think it may still be growing naturally even though I’m 23 now, since it was around 5.5-6” BPEL and 4.5” EG about a year ago and now measures 6.5x4.625.

I’ve been following the newbie routine for a few days now and things seem to be going well, but I was thinking of doing some sort of split routine as I’ve seen a few others here do as follows:

AM / Wake up time:
5 min warm up
10-15 mins of stretching.

PM / bed time:
5 mins warm up
10 mins jelq
3 mins stretching (down, up, left, right, out, down. 30s each)
5x30s Sadsak head exercises
5x10s Horse squeezes (but I do them probably much lighter than they were designed)
5 warm down.
Edge until bed time.

The main reason I want to split the routine is because I seem to get a bit of fluid build up, which I believe is normal, but there is a specific lump on the underside of the penis behind the glans which causes no discomfort but I don’t want to aggravate it more than I need to. Plus I believe it helps also in an “ADS” type fashion where the penis is in it’s “normal” state for at least time as possible.

I realise this may sound fairly intense for a newbie but I have had no poor PI indicators, just a pleasant “ache” the following day, like the ache you get in muscles after a good workout and they’re healing, and have been inadvertently “clamping” and stretching it since I was 12-13 because it felt good :grin:

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Oh and one other question, when I stretch, I force some blood into the glans to give me a decent “anchor” to stretch with, but this seems to cause a rapid fluid build up, resulting in a glans that looks like an alien due to my grip. Is this normal? There is no discomfort .



Hey martinm, welcome to the forum and good luck with your routine

The splitting is fine.

The manual girth work does seem too intense for your first week on the newbie routine. My initial impression: injuries suck, and most newbies get an instant growth spurt from the plain newbie routine, so why risk it?

There is no rush in PE, this takes years of commitment. And more is not necessarily better. You might gain fast with just the stretching and jelqing, even in girth. You just don’t know how your penis is going to react. The girth work might actually impede your gains. The idea is to do as little as possible (volume and force wise) to gain, and then ramp things up as the gains slow down. Doing more right away can actually toughen the tissues and limit future gains (in theory).

So why not wait a couple weeks and see how your body adjusts to the stretching and jelqing alone? Another thing to think about, there can be an accumulation effect of the intensity of your routine that you don’t fully realize for a couple weeks. Your PI’s are good now, but your routine could accumulate over the next week or two, and the PI’s go bad. So start with the plain newbie routine, then each couple weeks you could add in an additional exercise. That way if your PI’s go negative, you’ll know what did it, and you can back off to the last routine that had good PI’s.

Final precaution, there’s some conditioning that’s going on with the newbie routine that gets your penile tissues ready to handle future girth work. I.e. if you jump right into it you could potentially get injured without much warning. Horse squeezes especially I have read there is potential for injury even for people with years of experience.

Now that I listed all the things that could go wrong, if you do continue with the manual girth work (You seem smart enough to do it if you want, i.e. previous experience, using very low force) I hope you get great gains from it, and remember be ready to back off at the first sign of trouble.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Thank you, I didn’t even think about being able to overtrain. I’ll stick with the Newbie routine for now then and just split it as that seems to be the wisest thing to do for now, guess I just caught newbie fever and was trying to get it all the gains at once.

Any thoughts on the fluid build up? I’m uncut if that helps.


If I had to guess it is caused by the Sadsak. Congrats on gains.

Are there any tutorial videos around for newbies

Thanks Marinera, but it’s caused by any positive pressure that I apply. It just seems to be rather excessive but on the other hand there don’t seem to be any negative indications, I.e. Pain or numbness. Also, these are not gains just yet, these are my starting measurements now compared to what I measured roughly last year, hence why I still think its growing naturally. I’ve set a next measurement date of around 20th Feb even though I desperately want to measure since I can feel changes happening and erections I could lift cars with! For some reason I’ve always been convinced that I have a 7.5” penis (even before I became concerned with it!) so maybe my body is telling me that’s either what I will grow to or what I should aim for.. Sounds psychotic I know but its true.

Sausage, I’d advise you head over to the newbie article here, all the links you will need are there.
START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info


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