So for about a week ago, I decided to take a break/rest because I haven’t been waking up with wood. I have been doing the newbie routine since July 50 mins to 1 hour total. 10 min warmup 15 min stretch 10-15 jelqs 5-10 min in shower. When doing the newbie routine, my EQ was awesome, hardest erections and waking up with wood. Before my break I started hanging but felt the PI’s were negative.So thats where I am now, a week ago decided to take a break and not once have I woken up with wood. My queston is PE is definately working I feel bigger no significant gains but should I rest and just wait for my to come back or should I just go back to the routine? I understand that I need to find the middle ground in my routine, but if PE helps with morning wood why take a break (if during the rest period I don’t get wood and from what I remember doing just newbie routine gave me morning wood)