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Rest days or not?

Rest days or not?

Are there people who do not need rest days? Is there anyone out there who does not take rest days? I am pretty curious about it.

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I think it depends on the person but for me the most optimal is 5 days on 2 days off,
But then get at least 7 h of sleep because it’s during the sleep that your (testosterone) and growth hormone is at it’s peak.

Some guys are vigorously argumentating for more rest days, but I don’t think that’s necessary if you are <35 years old, eating normal and get good sleep.

You are after all doing some thing (PE) unnatural to your penis; the tissue don’t “want” to be stretch/tired of, so it will go back to it’s original “state”, much work (power) must be added to change tissues. (There’s biological grounds for this assumption, but I don’t have time to explain the details now).

You have to find your optimal level of rest/PE-days (this also depends on your routine).

Take care;)

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Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.

It kind of depends on the intensity of your workout. If you tend to push the limit, then you should definitely take rest days. If you take the approach of a more moderate routine where you try to stimulate growth rather than force it and you do not get negative PI’s, then it is possible to take infrequent rest days.

The subject should always be up for review based on your situation.

I think in general PE works best when you take the moderate approach and do you routine more frequently but without trauma.

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