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Red spots on penis

Red spots on penis

BPEL: 7.3 SFL: 7 (Method of measuring: Lay the tape measure along the top of my penis, while pushing against my body.)
EG: 5 FG: 4.5 (Method of measuring: wrap my tape measure around circumcision scar.)

Current Routine (3 weeks in:)
3, 20 minute hanging sets using the bibstarter, currently on 7.5lbs. (Every day) 10 minute warm ups before, inbetween sets, and after.
1, 10 minute set of clamping as close to the base as possible (1 on, 1 off)

Haven’t really made any gains as of yet but I’m finally hitting fatigue when I hang. With that said, I have been developing some red spots on the bottom right side base of my penis, a little up the shaft. I really do not want to stop hanging over this, but could this be a problem?

My theraband wrap is 15 inches of length and 2 1/2 inches across. I wrap half centimeter from my circumcision scar, and I hang two sets SD and one final set of BTC.

Previous injuries: A bruise like mark on the upper shaft underside, right side from clamping vigorously for 30 minutes straight. It took 3-4 days of no clamping to heal up.

My question: Does hanging induce redspots. What about my wrap and technique overall? I add about a lb a week. Help me out here, I can’t post in the injury section due to being a new member.

I’m new at PE too. Adding clamping before seeing any progress is not very nice to do as I read some posts. Why don’t you do just the beginner routine first of all? Its safer and you can have better control of PIs. I want girth too, but I’m being patient. :)

And good lucky for us!

Could you describe your red spots a bit more? How big are they? How many are there? From the location, it might be due to clamping, not hanging - are the red spots in the area where you attach your clamp?

Live long and prosper.

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